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“Be Your Own Boss!”: Journey of a Crypto Broker Becoming an Entrepreneur!

Before we start with who is a crypto broker, and the future in the respective field, let’s look into the life of Jeff, who transitioned from a crypto broker to an entrepreneur in less than a month. Jeff is a full-time crypto trader and has years of experience in his field. He wakes up every morning during the pandemic and looks forward to some magic in the numbers. As a crypto broker, Jeff is satisfied with his luxury life, however, since the winter phase that has taken over the market, he wants to level up his game from just a trader. As Jeff talks about his ambitions to a friend, he comes across the term “crypto broker”. Looking at his expertise, his friend recommended to him some of the biggest exchanges around the world that allow crypto brokers to register. Jeff was happy with his work, yet he felt there were limitations as a crypto broker. He started saving up for building a crypto brokerage business. It was only a month ago, he came across PayBito’s white-label crypto broker platform. To his astonishment, he wouldn’t have to save anymore and could start his very own crypto brokerage business in less than a month. Are you a crypto broker, and planning to start your own brokerage business? PayBito’s first-ever crypto broker platform can help you set up your business with one click. Here’s how!

Get Your Own Branded Crypto Broker Platform

Crypto Broker: Future of Brokerage in the Crypto Industry

A crypto broker can be an individual, a firm, or an institution that works as an intermediary between the traders for buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies. Brokers are highly skilled experts with extensive knowledge of market analytics and help traders to make the most in trading and investment. Any professional trader with years of experience, and expertise in the crypto market, volatility factors, and advanced analytical tools can become a crypto broker. 

The global demand for cryptocurrencies and the increase in adoption have led to the demand for crypto brokers. After the pandemic, when millions of people lost their jobs, the world started believing in cryptocurrency. Over the years, the digital currency has gained global acceptance and might be a booming industry in the future. Post-pandemic, there has been a rise in demand for crypto brokers in the industry. Since several large exchanges provide brokerage services, global research firms show around 10 million new brokerage accounts opened over the years. 

To provide an edge to the crypto brokers, PayBito has come up with its first-ever white-label crypto broker platform where the brokers can start their own business without worrying about building it from scratch and saving a lot of money. It is a huge opportunity for crypto brokers as the average income of a crypto broker is estimated to be around $181,609 annually. With PayBito you not only get your business, but you will also be able to access a readymade exchange with over four hundred crypto markets, over twenty fiat currency options, and a liquidity pool. 

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Building a Crypto Broker Platform from Scratch Vs. White-label crypto broker platform: What’s the Difference?

Jeff was saving for building a crypto broker platform from scratch, then why did he opt for a white-label solution? It’s simple, a white-label crypto broker platform is cost-effective, instant, and customizable, and saves you from the hassle of licensing your platform or partnering with a banking and payment solutions provider. We have described in detail the difference between building a crypto broker platform and opting for a white-label solution. 

Building a Crypto Broker Platform From Scratch

Building anything from scratch can be a daunting task. Not only will it take months to be ready for deployment, but by the time you launch your business, you will lose a fortune. Since crypto is a new industry, hackers, and cybercriminals have made it their target industry to conduct their illicit activities. Therefore, providing high-end security to the platform must be the top priority with no room for mistakes. Here’s what you need when you plan to build a platform from scratch. 

  • Team of Expert Developers: When you plan to develop a platform, you need to hire a team of developers (both front-end and back-end) to build an advanced business platform. 
  • Legal Compliance: The regulations attached to crypto exchanges and other services differ from country to country. One of the hurdles of developing a crypto broker platform from scratch is to make it legally compliant. 
  • Maintenance & Advanced setup: the cost of developing and maintaining a platform from scratch can be huge. You need a team of IT experts, marketers, legal advisors, customer support executives, etc. 

Other than hiring a large team of experts, you need to keep your platform updated with features, integrate advanced analytical tools, and provide your clients with the option of multiple assets. 

Advantages of White Label Crypto Broker Platform

With a white-label crypto broker platform, you can avoid all the hurdles, as PayBito provides a hassle-free solution and provides you an instant branded exchange to keep your broker business up and running. All you need to do is pay a minimum fee and start working. The platform is similar to renting office space to conduct your necessary activities, while another firm manages the property, and keeps it secured. Here are some of the advantages of a white-label crypto broker platform. 

No Interference from Banks 

The solace of cross-border transfers and the clarity of acceptance are the two best reasons to integrate crypto payments. With PayBito’s crypto broker platform, there is no need of opening a bank account saving you a lot of time and there is no requirement for any license. The acceptance of deposits and conducting withdrawal actions through cryptocurrencies is way cheaper than fiat or traditional payment networks. This provided you with an opportunity to offer additional benefits to your customers.

High ROI, With Faster & Cheap Transaction

The transfer of cryptocurrencies is not only cheaper than traditional transfer systems but is also faster. You can provide your clients with the best user experience as the payment will not be stuck for two to three days in the payment system but will be available in their trading accounts within a few minutes. This will provide you with the benefit of reducing the time taken to start your trading after the client checks your profile.

Highly Budget-Friendly Solution

A white-label broker platform is budget friendly and saves you a lot of time. You can save a huge amount on the setups and thousands of dollars on monthly costs for the support team and tech experts. PayBito offers a completely branded solution with a full customization option.  You cannot only add your brand name but your logo as well.

Early Launch

PayBito’s white-label crypto broker platform helps to register your new company and maintains your platform in case of any issues or upgrades. The expert team of engineers takes charge of all the necessary components. 

All products are integrated together

PayBito’s team of experts works together to deliver the platform after thorough testing. Since the platform is already integrated with other necessary software products the deployment procedure and easy and instant. PayBito offers its exchange with over 400+ crypto markets, and over twenty fiat currencies to the brokers to utilize the platform for trading activities.

High-End infrastructure

It is important to conduct trades on high-end advanced infrastructure for a seamless experience. To minimize trade request time, it is important to have easy access to liquidity providers, major exchanges, and other financial institutions. Since PayBito takes care of all your technical needs, you only need to work on your marketing strategies to gather clients for successfully running your business. 

24/7 Customer Support

PayBito is professional about its services and provides 24/7 support to your customers. In case of any technical difficulty, the support team is available at all hours and provides service in multiple languages. 

PayBito has introduced the world’s first crypto broker platform providing an opportunity for crypto brokers to start their own brokerage business. If you are planning to start your own crypto brokerage with a branded exchange, join PayBito’s crypto broker platform today!

In Conclusion

Cryptocurrencies are gaining global prominence and over the years, teh demand for crypto brokers has only increased. PayBito has opened doors for such crypto brokers with an opportunity to begin their entrepreneurship journey by accessing their very crypto broker platform with a branded exchange.

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