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El Salvador-Based Financial Institution Considers Hashcash For Crypto Exchange Software Development

HashCash Consultants ventures into expanding its services to El Salvador after multiple successful collaborations worldwide. The blockchain trailblazer is now in conversation with a financial institution based in El Salvador to develop its crypto exchange software. Previously, HashCash Consultants has extended its crypto-exchange development services to enterprises based in Australia, UAE, Singapore, Europe, Portugal, etc. It has received multiple accolades for its swift, streamlined, and efficient crypto exchange solutions.

HashCash Consultants At Its Best

The global blockchain development company seeks to emerge through collaborations and partnerships in providing crypto exchange solutions. Thereby, aiding the client to easily launch and operate on their own trading platform for cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

HashCash is widely known for its automated digital integration facility with its products and services. Its white-label crypto exchange software is embedded with interactive features. With improved scalability and versatility of its crypto exchange software, HashCash aims at convenient operations for its clients in every way possible. Users can reap the benefits of agile functionality by availing HashCash’s highly-coveted crypto exchange software. The multicurrency feature and multi-lingual functionality of HashCash’s white label crypto exchange software make it reachable globally. HashCash’s prior collaborations with a UAE-based firm and African enterprise to develop crypto exchange software have met with success. Enterprises based in El Salvador can easily access HashCash’s crypto services and solutions without breaking a sweat. 

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El Salvador’s Crypto Laurels

El Salvador recently became a monumental force in promoting crypto adoption worldwide. President Nayib Bukele tweeted that the country “just bought 200 new coins, we now hold 400 Bitcoins.” With the latest Bitcoin laws passed in the country, Salvadoran crypto users have benefited manifolds. El Salvador’s crypto development didn’t end there. 

The President has also recently announced a fuel subsidy of $0.20 per gallon to the citizens making payments using the government-backed Bitcoin pockets. Foreign investors get exemptions from paying any taxes on the profits they make on cryptocurrencies. This tax exemption is another feather to the crypto cap of El Salvador. The country is the first ever to recognize cryptocurrency as a legal tender.

Final Thoughts

Owing to multiple accomplishments, HashCash Consultants has already earned a great reputation in the world of blockchain. Numerous enterprises and crypto users have benefitted from the services offered by the leading blockchain development company. It has been lauded as the top white label crypto exchange software developer by international business journals and more.  A collaboration in El Salvador would be an exciting crypto venture to look forward to.

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