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HashCash Delivers Crypto Exchange Architecture to Singapore Forex Brokerage Firm

HashCash’s brand new project entails a Forex-integrated crypto exchange product service for a Forex brokerage firm situated in Singapore.

The globally acknowledged US-based blockchain development company, HashCash Consultants has issued an interest in joining forces with a Singapore-based Forex brokerage firm for an upcoming project. HashCash is to equip the said company with its highly coveted digital exchange architecture.

The cryptocurrency exchange software designed by HashCash integrates the foreign exchange that permits both custom usage and trading. It can be utilized by Forex brokerage firms in trading as well as in major cryptocurrency investments. The forex-integrated exchange can also be used to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. 

The Founder and CEO of HashCash Consultants, Raj Chowdhury comments, “Building a virtual currency exchange that integrates a foreign exchange was a benchmark for us. And now we’re delighted to be able to offer our innovation as a service to other firms.”

“HashCash products are deployed worldwide and our research and development team strives to maintain a front panel when it comes to innovation”, iterates Chowdhury.

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HashCash is an internationally renowned exponent of blockchain technology. It has successfully formulated blockchain innovation to fix numerous issues prevalent across multiple industries.  It has on several occasions theorized blockchain innovation to resolve a myriad of issues rampant in various industries. HashCash has left a massive impact on major global events and continues to do so. It is rightfully ordained as a champion in utility token designs and an advocate of the same.

“The incorporation of a crypto exchange with a Forex brokerage agency increases their growth factor by several notches. Our crypto exchange architecture deployed across the globe is proof of it,” concludes Chowdhury.

As proposed to the Singapore-based Forex brokerage agency, the crypto exchange architecture designed by HashCash is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and sought-after solutions. Therefore, the anticipation of its successful performance is extremely high.


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