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2022 Retrospect: HashCash Stands Out in the Blockchain Web 3.0 Ecosystem

The year 2022 has been quite eventful from the global economical perspective. It started with the post-pandemic recovery, but soon we began to witness landslides in crypto valuation just after they reached all-time highs the previous year-end. Geopolitical turmoil stemming from the Russia-Ukraine conflict had a significant worldwide impact with Europe bearing the brunt of food and energy crises, severe supply chain disruptions, and steep inflation. Despite mass IT layoffs, technology has retained its exponential growth rate opening countless implementation opportunities, particularly in the Web 3.0 environment and the associated metaverse. HashCash Consultants has been successful in making a notable contribution to the ongoing blockchain revolution, extending its presence to over 30 countries across 6 continents. 

2022: A Year in Review

Unfazed by the stablecoin crash and crypto exchange bankruptcy, HashCash has been one of the few companies that announced plans for additional recruits and expansion in 2022. Resuming work from an office in a hybrid mode in May this year and adopting a decentralized HR structure, the US company experienced overall growth by deploying viable blockchain applications for real-world integration and building strategic alliances with organizations and institutional investors all over the world. 

The mantra of “collaboration instead of competition” has played a key role in HashCash’s ground-breaking success and global market expansion with the company offering clients access to its flagship white-label crypto services in addition to blockchain consulting services as well as case-specific development of blockchain solutions. The company won top honors in both international and regional blockchain development this year. Without further ado, let us look forward to HashCash’s accomplishments and achievements across 2022. 

White Label Crypto Exchange

White-label crypto exchange technology has been one of the standout features of HashCash’s list of blockchain and IT-related solutions. The company has developed and to this day continues to maintain and operate PayBito, one of the top global crypto exchanges with over $5 billion worth of daily transaction volumes. This feature has enabled HashCash to gain invaluable insight and deliver high-security cutting-edge solutions to investors willing to venture and add crypto trading to their portfolio of services offered. The company also unveiled a Trade Finance Portfolio, aimed toward accelerating digital banking finance. 

Throughout 2022, HashCash has delivered white-label crypto exchange solutions in the MENA region, Brazil, and Vietnam. In a recent announcement, the company also announced plans for further innovation in the exchange platform, incorporating additional crypto trading services.

Crypto Payment Processors, Remittance, and Gateways

The banking and financial sector has been the biggest adopters of blockchain technology for its invaluable ability to expedite cross-border transactions, eliminating intermediaries from the process. Blockchain can also be used for ACH(Automated Clearing House) solutions, Digital Identity (DI) solutions for credit rating systems, and more. HashCash has been successful in bridging the gap between banking and fintech and promoting financial inclusion with Billbitcoins, its state-of-the-art crypto payment processor.

B2B crypto payment gateways facilitate instantaneous transactions with real-time visibility and processing charges being a fraction of existing legacy services. They have been a game-changer for corporate organizations dealing with international clients, procurement, and shipping. HC-Remit, a crypto remittance platform powered by blockchain, is finding increased use among expatriates trying to send a larger portion of their hard-earned savings back to their loved ones, particularly in Latin America and South East Asia. In 2022, HashCash’s crypto payment solutions are finding increased uses across the US and Singapore.

Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Management Solutions

Blockchain’s inherent features of distributed permissioned access along with immutability and real-time visibility have been highly valued in the supply chain. Traceability and provenance have been a concern in supply chain management for a long-time, from ethical sourcing of mineral components to ensuring the right conditions for medical vaccines in transit. The challenges became more apparent with the global COVID vaccine crisis. Blockchain has played a critical part in their dissemination along with providing e-certificates to people who had taken the j0b. 

Since its inception, HashCash has been offering its expertise through blockchain consulting services in supply chain management, presenting the required skills and resources whenever necessary to clients all across the world. In 2022, the company has offered its expertise to improve the traceability solutions of a major player in the US pharma industry. It has also collaborated with a global supply chain corporation, a NY-based fashion brand, and an Irish whiskey manufacturing company, and designed a blockchain consortium for creating a digital media supply chain with a global media-tech enterprise.

Research Aid, Prototypes, and Energy Marketplaces

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, HashCash has always continued to look out for solutions that benefit humanity as a whole. HashCash CEO Raj Chowdhury has made contributions in crypto to help people living in the war-torn regions in Ukraine, stating “It is up to the world’s political leaders to take their stands. We can only offer material relief and sustenance values that weigh little against the war-front miseries.” 

In 2022, HashCash partnered and offered blockchain assistance for a Swiss TDRS satellite connection. The company has commenced working on building prototypes for blockchain biometric automation for banking, travel reward platforms, medical NFTs, blockchain-powered self-inheritance systems, and anti-child trafficking. In addition, Hashcash is also involved in building a renewable energy marketplace in Finland.

Expansion, Recruitment Plans, and Metaverse Venture

Consistent strategic growth has enabled HashCash to develop and grow its operations further on a global scale. Previously operating across 5 global sites, the company announced plans for further expansion in light of increased demand for blockchain solutions and services. The company announced the construction of HashCash Park, a green-tech park spread over 2 acres of land in East India’s developing IT hub “Bengal Silicon Valley”. The company has planned to invest over $10 million through Blockbase Consultants, the Indian subsidiary of HashCash Consultants. The firm announced that an additional 100 recruitments for its India development center are also in the pipeline. HashCash’s Dubai R&D center will also feature an upgrade.

The metaverse has been a trending topic across business communities across the world, and with good reason. The list of opportunities is endless, with research indicating a market capitalization of at least $800 billion by 2024. HashCash with previous experience collaborating with a US metaverse gaming company has announced plans of venturing into the metaverse segment in the upcoming year. 


Despite global setbacks, 2022 has been a milestone in terms of growth and new business opportunities for HashCash. The company has extended its operations across newer territories around the world and planned for additional recruitment, diversification, and expansion. The company looks forward to the upcoming year with optimism and hopes to make a better contribution to mankind with blockchain and Web 3.0 technology.

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