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“689 Million People Struggle to Survive on Less Than $1.90 a Day”: How Can PayBito Brokers Make a Difference in Their Lives?

Hunger and poverty have become a catastrophe around the world. While global organizations have made several strides to eradicate hunger, 689 million people worldwide are still struggling to survive on less than $1.90 per day. The majority of these people who live below the international poverty line are majorly shunned by the world economy. The United Nations (UN), informed that “extreme poverty and eradication of hunger” topped their list in April 2022. The three main factors that attributes to the increase in world hunger problems are the two-year-long covid19 pandemic, the two-month-long Russia-Ukraine war, and the increasing inequity problems around the world. Some other factors that contribute to the crisis are poverty, inequality, climatic conditions such as famine, and more. While poverty is a major concern in several countries, PayBito’s “Earn more to feed more” campaign helps crypto brokers to create a difference and contribute to the global hunger crisis. 

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Poverty: A Serious Concern That Leads to Hunger Crisis Globally

According to the World Bank, 689 million people which covers 9.2% of the global population live in extreme poverty and survive on less than $1.90 per day. Around 26.2% of the global population, around two billion people in the world survives on less than $3.20 per day. The numbers are calculated depending on a person’s income, and ability to meet basic daily necessities. In the US, for every individual the poverty line is $12,880 every year, that is $35.28 per day. According to a report by the UN, people experience deterioration in education, health, and living standards, in more than 107 countries, 1.3 billion people are poor in multiple dimensions. 

These people live without support and growth in the economy. They are unable to access clean water, proper hygienic conditions, and enough food. These people are also denied access to better health care, shelter, and education. Here’s what it is to live in poverty. 

  • Lack of shelter
  • Hunger
  • Not having access to a doctor when sick
  • Lack of job
  • Lack of access to education, and illiteracy
  • Dirty water causes miscarriages
  • Powerlessness
  • Fear of uncertain future

There are several non-income dimensions of poverty revealed by the World Bank. there are several indicators of poverty that helps to calculate the number of people living below the international poverty line. 

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How Does Poor Environment Affect the Poor People?

No matter what attacks our world, poor people are most affected. Therefore, during any natural calamities, poor people go through the worst wrath. Nature and poverty have a deep connection. Lack of drinking water, deforestation, and natural disasters seriously impact the ones living below the poverty line. Due to natural disasters, twenty-six million people fall prey to poverty. Tsunamis and Earthquakes killed more people than other disaster types claiming 750,000 lives within a span of ten years. 

Natural disasters like hurricanes, can cause loss of employment, and lower the development speed of the locality. Around 25% of the global population was affected by drought between 1994 and 2013. The lack of basic necessities such as water, shelter, food, healthcare, and education. Inequities include poor governance, exploitation, ethnic discrimination, domestic violence, and conflict. Such issues not only cause poverty but restrict people to access any kind of social services. 

PayBito’s “Earn More to Feed More”: How Does it Help to End Hunger?

Improper sanitation, gender inequality, poor health, child malnutrition, dirty water, poor health conditions, inequality in energy, education, justice, sustainability, etc are some of the prime factors that result in hunger. The global hunger crisis is real, and growing worse with the days. After the long Russia-Ukraine war, the world is going through the worst phase of hunger and poverty that needs immediate attention. While several global hunger crisis has been taken by several organizations, PayBito has brought up a unique way and opportunity for the crypto brokers to be a part of the global cause. 

PayBito is a US-based platform that has recently launched the world’s first crypto broker platform where any crypto broker can open their own business platform in just a few steps. The white-label crypto broker platform offers a readymade crypto exchange with multiple assets, and fiat currencies. The exchange provides over four hundred crypto markets and is the best chance for a broker to level up their career. However, the platform has also announced its “Earn more to feed more” campaign to contribute to the global hunger crisis. The platform has promised to spend the same amount of money on the hungry people that the brokers earn as a commission using the platform. Therefore, the platform has managed to encourage brokers to turn their profession into compassion. 

Anyone who is a professional trader, and understands the market dynamics can sign up for the crypto broker platform. The PayBito Chief, Mr. Raj Chowdhury has long recognized the future potential of the crypto brokers, especially with such a huge number of new traders entering the market. While new accounts are entering the trading market every day, the demand for brokerage services is only increasing. While there is not so much of a marketplace for brokers to work as an individual, PayBito’s new white-label crypto broker platform allows these brokers to open their own business platform with a readymade market in less than fifteen days. 

In Conclusion

Although 1.1 billion people have recovered from poverty since 1995, the neverending natural disasters, the wrath of covid 19 pandemic, conflicts, and global inflation have led to increased hunger problems among several countries. Even though there is enough food produced for everyone in the world, around 10% of people sleep hungry every day. Around seven hundred children around the world die every day due to a lack of nutritious food, and diseases caused by malnutrition. PayBito’s “Earn more to feed more” initiative might help the needy with nutritious meals, and put an end to hunger, and malnutrition.

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