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A 13-Year-Old Entrepreneur Makes Waves by Trading Sneakers for Bitcoin

Last year, Blake Cockram, a 13-year-old entrepreneur, established CryptoKicks. Recently, he has been educating sneaker enthusiasts in the U.K. about various aspects of cryptocurrency.

Big Sneaker Brands Exploring NFTs, and Metaverse

Shoes have played an essential role in fashion and culture across the globe. While some people view shoes as mere protectors of the feet, others consider them a vital part of their attire. Among all types of shoes, sneakers have gained a devoted following. With some of the rarest pairs fetching prices in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The sneaker culture has given rise to a whole industry, which includes shoe manufacturers, retailers, and influencers. With the growing popularity of Web3, big sneaker brands such as Nike are starting to explore non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse. Additionally, play-to-earn projects like StepN are also experimenting with tokenizing shoes.

Blake Cockram: A Young Entrepreneur Luring Novice to the Crypto Industry

A group that’s been particularly active in the sneaker industry is the resellers, who buy high-demand shoes that have just been released and resell them to eager buyers who missed out on the original drop. Blake Cockram, a 13-year-old entrepreneur from the United Kingdom, has established CryptoKicks, a shoe resale business that puts a fresh Web3 twist on this business model. If you buy a pair of sneakers with cryptocurrency, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your order.

In an interview with Ray Salmond, and Jonathan DeYoung, Blake talks about his teenage life as an entrepreneur. He further discusses how CryptoKicks, the crypto-based business is helping new users within the blockchain space. He explains that CryptoKicks accepts crypto as payment. While the customers can pay in any medium, with crypto they get an added 10% off any trainer. Blake offers a luring opportunity for many. Especially, as the limited supply of in-demand sneakers costs hundreds of dollars in the traditional market. 

Blake quotes, “People think, ‘Oh wow, that sounds quite good. May as well get some crypto and get some cheaper Jordans.”

CryptoKicks Accept Major Cryptocurrencies

CryptoKicks, which was established by 13-year-old entrepreneur Blake Cockram, allows customers to purchase sneakers using Bitcoin, Ether, and stablecoins such as Tether USDT. Blake mentioned that most of his customers who buy sneakers with cryptocurrency are new to blockchain technology. By offering a 10% discount on purchases made with crypto, Blake is not only providing an attractive deal to his customers but also educating them about cryptocurrencies and empowering them to take greater control over their assets. According to Blake, his customers are often intrigued by the idea of buying sneakers with crypto and end up learning how it works.

“We’ve walked a couple of people through it, like download this app, make your wallet, that it might take 24 hours to confirm you because it normally does. And you just tell them how to go through it. And a couple of people have asked us, ‘What’s the best coin for me to pay you in? What would I make money off in the future?’ and stuff like that.”

13 yr Old Entrepreneur’s Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur

Blake’s older brother played a crucial role in introducing him to the world of cryptocurrencies. According to Blake, his brother’s encouragement was instrumental in him establishing CryptoKicks. It was his brother’s idea to start the company and name it with crypto in it, as people are going crazy for it. He adds that now that they have done it, it has turned out to be great. 

Blake, who is only 13 years old and still attending school, says that the opinions of his peers on crypto are mixed. He shared that some of his classmates are not familiar with the concept of cryptocurrency and asked him to explain it, while others who are familiar with it have positive opinions about it. However, some are skeptical and do not believe in the potential of crypto. Yet, Blake is doing everything in his power to spread awareness among his friends. 

“I just say like, ‘I think crypto is good.’ Like it’s a new way of payment [that] not a lot of people know about. You can get money instant, and it’s like good fun as well, having a bit of crypto, sending it around, that stuff.”

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Closing Thoughts

Blake Cockram’s entrepreneurial journey is an inspiration for all young minds out there. As big sneaker brands continue to explore NFTs and the metaverse, it will be interesting to see how Blake and CryptoKicks keep up with the changing times and continue to innovate in the years ahead. So, if you’re a sneaker enthusiast looking to dip your toes into the crypto industry, CryptoKicks might just be the perfect place to start!

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