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A Childhood Stolen: Aseema’s Experience as a Sex Trafficking Victim

Sundarbans, known for its vast mangrove forests and diverse wildlife, is home to millions of inhabitants who are facing the looming threat of extinction due to climate change. The archipelago is situated in a red zone, where severe and frequent cyclonic storms and floods pose a significant danger to the population. The dense jungle and raging rivers make it challenging for villagers to engage in various activities. Amidst this struggle for survival, the younger girls in the area face the horrifying reality of being hunted by sex traffickers, who ruin their lives forever. Aseema, who was once a victim of this abhorrent crime, is just one example of the countless innocent lives being destroyed by this evil.

PayBito, on its noble mission to combat hunger, ventured into the hunger-stricken regions of the world, including the dense and remote jungles of Sundarbans. The area’s islands are connected to the outside world solely through boats and streamers, making life for the inhabitants even more challenging. During their “Brokering World Hunger Away” campaign, the PayBito team discovered the harsh reality faced by the local people, who struggle to survive on a daily basis. In the course of their efforts, the team interviewed numerous families and uncovered the grim truth about sex trafficking victims in the area’s villages. 

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Story of Surviving Sex Trafficking in Sundarbans

As the PayBito team traveled from one village to the next, they stumbled upon a modest shed adorned with a banner inscribed with the words, “Shishu o Nari Seva Samity” – Women and Child Service Centre. Outside the entrance lay several pairs of slippers, hinting at the facility’s frequent visitors. The team felt compelled to investigate and interview one of the members to gain an understanding of the center’s purpose.

During the course of their visit, the PayBito team uncovered the heart-wrenching realities of life for girls and women in the unforgiving and treacherous terrain of Sundarbans. These brave women not only had to battle the unpredictable weather and perilous jungle conditions but also face the looming threat of sex traffickers. The center was a local NGO run by a group of remarkable survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and child marriage.

One of them was thirteen-year-old Asheema, who was trafficked at the age of seven. Here’s the harrowing story of Asheema surviving sex trafficking.  

“They Locked Me in a Dark Room for a Week” – Asheema’s Ordeal 

“I was coming back from my school with my mid-day meal food in my tiffin box. I was very happy that I got two boiled eggs that day because many girls were absent. On my way back, I met an aunt who offered me chocolates. I was so happy to get them, I also went with her to a nearby field, where I ate the chocolate and went to sleep.”

Sundarbans has several local schools many of which are run by the government. These schools had a mid-day-meal scheme, where every child below fourteen is provided with lunch and boiled eggs. Asheema used to go to one of these schools and was under the scheme. She used to travel back home alone, which means her school was not very far away from her house. One day, while she was back home, she met a woman who gave her chocolate and drugged her to sleep. 

“I woke up amidst a crowded railway station. I couldn’t read, hence I didn’t recognize the station. I was thirsty, hungry, and shocked. The aunty was not there with me, I remember crying all the way. Finally, we reached a house, where I could see many women dressed up with lots of makeup, laughing at me. I was crying ‘ami maa er kache jabo’, but they locked me up in a dark room for a week.” 

Asheema woke up in a crowded railway station and felt disoriented and lost. She was unable to read the signs and could not identify their location. She was also thirsty, hungry, and in a state of shock. She remembers crying throughout their journey. Eventually, they arrived at a house where many women were present, all dressed up with lots of makeup, and laughing at her. Despite her pleas to go back to their mother, they were locked up in a dark room for a week. 

“After a year of staying in that hell, I was rescued by an NGO, after a police raid. I was sent back home to my village, Sandeshkhali. My mother was so happy to have me back. But, my grandparents were very upset. When they came to know, I was sold to a brothel, they rejected me. Deprived of education, I stayed back home all day. I had no friends, nor was I allowed to step outside.”

Sundarbans is a village, and people do not accept women who have once worked as a sex workers. Therefore, girls like Asheema, Binti (domestic violence victims), etc. are deprived of social liberties. 

Today, Asheema is one of the leaders working closely with the victims of domestic violence, girls who do not get proper education, child marriage, and more. The local NGO, ‘Shishu o Nari Seva Samity’, has more than thirty women, and girls under their care. 

PayBito was inspired by their story and the aim of the local NGO. PayBito decided to collaborate with the NGO and help the women, and girl children of the village in different ways through its ‘Brokering World Hunger Away’ movement. 

Brokering World Hunger Away Movement: A ‘Dollar for a Dollar’ Initiative

PayBito has launched the “Brokering World Hunger Away” campaign to combat global hunger. As a crypto broker platform, it provides customized services to individual brokers, institutional investors, and entrepreneurs who want to enter the crypto market. The platform has a simple setup process, takes less than three minutes, and allows businesses to earn a passive income.

What sets PayBito apart is that investors who join the platform and earn commissions can also support the “Brokering World Hunger Away” movement. Through the “Dollar for a Dollar” initiative, the platform pledges to donate an equal amount to end global hunger for every commission dollar earned. This means investors can contribute to the cause without any investment or risk, making a positive impact on their community.

PayBito’s Collaborative Approach to Help Sex Trafficker Victims

On its mission to end hunger, PayBito collaborated with the local NGOs to help these women and children have a scope at a better future. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, sixteen million women were trafficked in India, of which 51% of them were children. The numbers are increasing every year, while Sundarbans is one of the red zones in India for most trafficked women. 

Financial Aid: PayBito is providing financial assistance to NGOs to help develop their structure. They are providing these women with the help to grow their own businesses or complete their education. 

Provide Proper Education: PayBito in collaboration with local schools has helped several girls to join a school and access regular and quality education. With the help of local NGOs, the PayBito team has also helped the children with the stationeries and books required. 

PayBito’s collaboration with local NGOs is a crucial step towards ending hunger and empowering women and children in India, particularly in areas like Sundarbans where trafficking is prevalent. By providing financial aid to NGOs, PayBito is helping them to develop their structures and offer support to women to start their own businesses or pursue education. By partnering with local schools, PayBito is helping girls access regular and quality education, which is essential for their future. Through these initiatives, PayBito is making a positive impact on the community, helping to create a better future for women and children in need.

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