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Blockchain and Crypto in School Curriculum, Says Eric Adams

New York City has been a trailblazer when it comes to innovation. NYC mayor-elect Eric Adams emphasizes the glorious contributions to technology made by New York City. That includes the fields of cyber-security, self-driving cars, drones, etc. He stresses the importance of crypto and blockchain education as a part of enhancing the innovative spirit among the NYC youth. 

Inducting to the Hall of USA’s Crypto-Friendly Politicians

Ex-police captain Eric Adams is a Democratic candidate for mayor of New York. He has won the May 9 race by garnering over 67% of the votes compared to Curtis Sliwa. The New York City mayor-elect is a prominent supporter of cryptocurrencies. In a recent statement made in support of digital currencies, he has advocated for crypto studies in schools. According to him, kids would be left behind without knowledge of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He suggests that schools should teach about them.

Blockchain And Crypto Education

As a major proponent of digital currencies among US politicians, he wants schools to teach young minds how to use them and the technology behind them. Adams has vowed to make New York a crypto-friendly city as he takes office soon in January. When asked about what Bitcoin means, he called it a “new way of paying for goods and services throughout the entire globe.” He highlighted the fact that everyone should know about this innovation in the payment system. 

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Blockchain in Education And Paychecks In Crypto 

While acknowledging the volatility of investing in either stock market or cryptocurrencies, Adams has confirmed that he’ll be taking his first three paychecks as the Mayor of NYC in Bitcoins. Since one cannot automatically receive a salary in Bitcoins, Adams will have to convert his dollar paycheck into Bitcoins. 

In addition, he said that he would be open to evaluating mechanisms to enable New Yorkers to receive their paychecks directly in Bitcoin so that they can have autonomy over the decision of how they want to receive their paychecks.

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In Conclusion

Adams has received backlashes over promoting crypto adoption and blockchain education. However, he has decided to stick to his analysis of the crypto culture. He stands by his decision of receiving payment in cryptocurrencies and teaching about it to children in schools.

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