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Blockchain And Crypto Job Market Grows Exponentially in 2021

There is no denying that the blockchain and cryptocurrency market is rising at a breakneck speed all over the world. It is estimated to surpass a gross of over $1700 million by the year 2027. It might become a significant contributor to global GDP by 2050. Blockchain is the backbone of cryptocurrencies. It is gaining increasing interest from enterprises who wish to leverage their business profile in the booming realm of the crypto market. The advanced asset management system in blockchain technology is revamping the capital markets. It is enhancing the process of buying and selling digital assets, crypto settlements and investment, superfast data delivery, and disintermediation. Therefore, the world is seeing a surge in the blockchain and crypto job sector. The earning and trading opportunities are sky-rocketing rapidly. 

About Blockchain and Crypto market

Cryptocurrencies have erupted into the market of finance gaining traction from a large number of people. Crypto education, trading, and investment are becoming more common now than a few years ago. With the global economy attempting to transform into a cashless system looking to digitize everything, Blockchain stands out as the most viable way possible. Blockchain implements the protocols such as “smart contracts” and “proof-of-concept projects” to successfully mitigate market risks such as theft of data and digital assets while providing an easy-to-use crypto exchange platform. It also amplifies individual proprietorship security and settlement of cross-border payments. 

Every enterprise looking to upgrade its financial operation is implementing blockchain technology to obtain positive results. This in turn leads to the creation of innumerable career options and job openings within the blockchain domain. In recent years, and at present, Blockchain jobs are the most coveted, beneficial, and highly economic form of employment. Market research shows that there has been a growth of over 118% in blockchain job listings within the crypto domain in the past few months.   

Global businesses are opening up to crypto adoption as the digitization of the financial system overhauls the old banking methods. While Ukraine and Russia are the top rank holders in the cryptocurrency implementation and development sector, many developing countries are joining in as global trendsetters as well. Despite their socio-economic challenges, some African countries and Middle Eastern countries, and countries like India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, etc. are climbing up the crypto adoption ladder quite progressively. 

Rising Demand for Blockchain and Crypto Jobs 

Blockchain and crypto jobs provide a lucrative range of remuneration with a minimum of $55,000-$65,000 per year to a whopping $105,000 per year. With a rise of about 200% of HR job positions in demand and a 105% increase in the job acquisition in the crypto marketing and managing department in 2021, the industry is flourishing now more than ever. Some of the most coveted blockchain job and crypto market roles include:

Business Development Representative: As Cryptocurrency is creating a large number of business and investment opportunities, there is a grasping need for people who can understand the business part of it as well as the technical matter and can seal the deals.

Marketing Manager: There is a huge demand for marketing as well. They mostly attract new potential customers, evaluate trends, and develop strategies to not only stay relevant but also ahead of the game. The most valuable possession for this job is a creative and analytical mind. Experience in advertising, marketing, sales, etc. is a solid bonus.

Technical Writer: Companies are in dire need of people who understand the technical aspects and would be able to present the content in a way that would attract investors. Creativity and knowledge is your power tool here. 

Data Scientists: With a piece of proper knowledge in data or computer science, you will be a valuable asset to companies seeking people who understand this complicated technology. With strong analytical and communication skills, you are needed to translate jargon into company language to your leader. 

Financial Analyst: Rising demand for crypto in this market, requires people who can handle the financial side of things. That includes knowing where to invest, or developing investment strategies. This also includes the evaluation of risk factors in certain investments as well. Usually, you would need a bachelor’s degree in finance as well as a license, with great analytical, and mathematical skills. A good grasp of the industry technology and trends is also very much needed. 

Machine Learning Engineer: There is a ton of need for experts who can design user-friendly ways to involve new customers but also appeal to the existing ones. Also, they need to increase security to make exchanges secure and stay ahead of the hackers. This job mostly requires at least a master’s degree in computer science, sometimes even a Ph.D., and is familiar with python and SQL.

Security Architect: Although the selling point of crypto is the security they provide through blockchain, the companies constantly need people to maintain, and solidify the security as stagnant technology is prone to hacking with time, no matter how secure they are.

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Fresh Blockchain Job Listings

While job openings in the technology sector such as for the esteemed role of engineers, UX designers, etc. have plummeted in 2021, some of the other current job openings that are highly in demand include: 

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer: This job demands you to program and develop new algorithms to sustain the AIs. AIs help to construct the security of cyberspace and crypto exchange. They also help investors get better analysis to make investments decisions. You would need to be very proficient in programming languages to work for this job that includes Java, C++, and most commonly Python, not to mention extensive mathematical knowledge.

Blockchain Project Manager: The job usually requires a problem-solving mind as your task is to give blockchain problems to experts whose niche matches the need. They need normal project management skills but a deep understanding of the technology behind the industry. Another important quality you need is excellent communication skills that would be required not only when you are explaining something to the non-technical staff but also in communicating your exact problems and needs at the moment. 

Product Manager: Product managers need to be highly creative and proficient. They are essential for designing unique, efficient, and user-friendly crypto products to make a name in the market. This role requires extensive familiarity with cryptosystems as well as previous experience in product management. A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or economics is a must.

Staff Accountant: As much as you need highly creative and technical people, you also need people who can do seemingly mundane jobs. Like coordination of bills, financial reports, taxes, etc. You would have to be creative enough to develop unique and efficient accounting policies to lead your company steadily. You would need a bachelor’s degree in finance as well as a certification as a Certified Public Accountant

Blockchain Solution Architect: This job demands the leadership skill of construction and the execution of the design. As said, it requires vision and strong leadership skills. 

Blockchain Legal Consultant: Of Course the rising blockchain and crypto job market would need legal support. It is as essential as technical support, to aid the company’s security. With new software comes new problems that arise in the legal system. It is necessary to have salient communication and legal skills. And also a pretty good grasp of industry-related issues and matters.

Blockchain Quality Engineer: In every sector, we need people to assure that the quality of the product is being maintained. They assure every part is being maintained properly and up to industry standards. They mostly conduct testing and automation of frameworks. What is needed is a pertinent eye to detail that can single out even the smallest of mistakes. 


Technical skills are pretty crucial when it comes to these roles. The blockchain and crypto job requirements are shifting more towards HR, management, and marketing in 2021. A lot of such jobs demand skills regarding Java, Python, C++, Artificial Intelligence, etc. More than that you need to know your fundamentals and that’s not just some buzzwords. You need to know exactly what you are getting into and what you want to work with. Crypto education is a must. As more people avail themselves of crypto knowledge, the blockchain and crypto job market flourishes. With the increasing rate of employment, it is stepping closer towards making an impact on the global GDP.

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