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Blockchain Fortification to Enforce Border Security: HashCash

Security is an issue that bothers states and industries likewise. Hence an investment in security has its positives. Here we focus on Border Security.

Countries sharing disputed border fronts are increasingly threatened with terror-intended infiltrations. Physical monitoring of the entire stretch of the Line of Control (LoC), often falling along harsh terrains, comes at an enormous price of lives. Implementation of technology in such cases can provide relief on many levels.

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Identifying the Threats

The threats faced by most countries sharing borders with unfriendly neighbors may be rounded up by the following broad terms:

  • Encroaching – Illegal occupation of land by village settlers ignorant of the existence of a border. Illegal settlement is sometimes funded by terror-mongering groups to facilitate convenient trespassing. With time this leads to establishments that may scale up the difficulty level as the control of the area passes on to the other side. Thus, mandating close monitoring of footfall along the border area.
  • Smuggling – Cross-border transportation of illicit goods and substances including potent drugs and ammunition contributes to the rise of societal crimes and hence must be checked.
  • Infiltration – Illegal trespassing by members of terror-mongering groups across the border often bearing fake identities, counterfeit currency, and ammunition amount to the trouble from infiltrators who then engage in spreading violence targeting the economic stability of the nation. Not all infiltrators enter with terror motives. Some merely cross borders seeking a better life or seek refuge from war-torn countries.

The Blockchain Fortifying Solution

Border Security Forces often employ drones to monitor movements across the border regions apart from other technical support. However, the quality of security necessary for expansive regions call for the implementation of automation to a great extent.

The stretches of border, particularly the stretches along rugged terrains can install lengths of blockchain carpet. IoT sensors riding on the blockchain network should be able to detect movements or activity within a specified range of the covered stretch. This would enable detecting miscreants resorting to “jump overboard” or “tunnel in”. Footfalls, movements, or noise will signal alerts at designated posts to trigger immediate action.

The idea can be corroborated by the fact that Blockchain is a technology favoring robust networking which grants security, tamper-poofing, transparency, and anonymity. Thus ensuring that the network cannot be hacked into. The operating posts and their locations within the country are concealed from the external entities. Finally, permissioned entities are able to log in to gain a view of the area and be to “listen” for noises around.

Thus, the Blockchain may enable fortification at the borders.

The Challenges

Materializing the design ideated above is no mean feat. The foremost challenge that surfaces is the cost. Large stretches of borders should incur a huge expense for installation and training and expertise for maintenance.

High altitudes are characterized by inclement and unpredictable weather. The installed systems must be made sufficiently robust to withstand the extremes of temperature and pressure.

Systems must be able to detect attempts to break into the network as well as report the non-functioning of a part.

There could be a host of other issues that bypass the thought experimentation. However, given the rise in external attacks, a consideration in this direction may yield positive results.

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While it is granted that not all ideas translate fruitfully, countries must invest in the opportunities to reap benefits, one way or the other. Security is an issue that bothers states and industries likewise. Hence an investment in security has its positives.

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