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Blockchain Fuelled Vaccine Passport Prototype: HashCash

The year-long pandemic situation has, among a host of other things, served to reorder the priorities pushing the importance of health and hygiene to the top rung. The strife to achieve accuracy turns all the more critical. Therefore, one can hardly dismiss the need for a mechanism of efficient handling of data, health or otherwise. While immunization records in their portable format are no new concept, digitizing the same for automated verification requires substantial thought investment. 

Global blockchain pioneering company, HashCash Consultants, recognizes the void which needs to be filled. 

Blockchain-Powered Vaccine Passport

In many countries, vaccine records come in the form of manually updated files which in many cases could be erroneous or illegible. In contrast, a vaccine passport is a digitally generated record of the sets of immunization a person may have received over a given time span. The time-stamped records are stored on a blockchain and will grow their nodes with the administration of each dose. The records riding on “trustless” platforms should be available at any checkpoint when they are linked to a national identification scheme, for instance, the passport. This perspective also focuses on the need for the establishment of Digital Identity

The use of a vaccine passport may not be restricted within the Covid-19 bracket. It can be initiated with the registration of each new birth and the doses of immunizations that follow. This will ensure that health data pertaining to any individual is available to a click.

In blockchain pioneer and HashCash CEO, Raj Chowdhury’s words, “This effort, on fruition, will shrink a grand load of paperwork and organize an entire nation’s health data. This will also serve to lower the panic-driven commotion at the immigration desks.”

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Use Case

A significant use case of this system could be the airport or Port of Entry (POE) of any country. The Visa and migration departments often demand prospective foreign travelers be inoculated prior to entering the said country. A digital document in a recognized format can vouch for the correct recording of a person’s immunizations.

Even though no airport has, to date, mandated the Covid-19 vaccination on their travelers most demand a recent rest report. And it may not be long before a mandate on the Covid-19 is imposed at all airport terminals.

The Impact

A blockchain implementation of this scale is set to revolutionize the functioning of several connected departments in managing respective data. A globally conformed format incorporating the digital identity of a person along with their immunization record can hasten processes on several levels. 

This project is, therefore, set to simplify and streamline a number of linked processes. 

“Accuracy, enhanced efficiency, maintained time constraint along with the robust support features natively granted by the blockchain technology renders the system great significance in view of domestic use and cross-border,” adds Chowdhury.

To Conclude

HashCash team stresses, vaccine-passport, if implemented to scale, holds the potential to relieve an entire generation, from the eternal confusion with proving identities, presenting health records, and rushing every now and then to update those. Thus, also bolstering safe mobility across borders ensuring no misses in opportunities.


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