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Blockchain Supply Chain Program Acts As A Game Changer For Tracking Mangoes In Australia

As per the cooperative research Centre for developing Northern Australia, the company seemed to partner with the leading mango producer of Australia and a prominent traceability software company for testing a supply chain management program through their distribution centre. The project that started during 2018 makes the use of sensors placed in mango crates for tracking the movement of the fruits in extension to determining its transit time, humidity and temperature. 

Tracing Mangoes Through Proper Supply Chain Management

Acting as a game-changer, the organisation can trace where their mangoes are, within the supply chain, in real-time. It helps maintain quality assurance and proactive quality control protocol for addressing any problems instantly and complement what already remains a best in industry approach. Additionally, it also helps identify the critical features of the platform during the trials co-designed by the producers and trust provenance. 

Likewise, the blockchain solutions were accessible to those producers and additional actors with the supply chain with the help of a dashboard interface. The result is a real-time, end to end, secure and cost-reducing fruit traceability solution. This project happens to be shaping up for being a significant game-changer for the Australian mango industry. 

Earlier every chain partner utilised their private systems to trace and identify products. It resulted in extra cost and duplication. Now, the GS1 Australia standard for product IDs is there, so that the members within the supply chain can utilise the identical product ID system. It not just saves cost and time but additionally decreases wastage and human errors. The additional results included greater product integrity levels, access to data, including record-high acceptance rates at distribution centres in the supermarkets. 

Traceability Systems and the Pandemic

It is believed that more productive traceability systems are likely to reward farmers with substantial returns within the market. It highlights the investments they are making within more safe, ethical and sustainable production practices. 

In the meantime, the pandemic continues to drive the overall digitisation of the supply chain. Post covid-19, one can consider that one can provide real-time information on how a product is being managed. Also, one can see where a product has come from throughout the supply chain. It will turn out to be increasingly pretty crucial to consumers, retailers and producers, particularly within the export markets.

On the other hand, food traceability does not happen to be restricted to only food producers. Various Hair care brands like Estee Lauder revealed that application of blockchain. It is for sustainable and responsible sources of materials has been quite beneficial. They seem to be leveraging the technology. It helps for tracing their products like Madagascan vanilla, in particular, that accounts for 80% of the world’s vanilla. 

Marin Trust, standards body endorsed the application of blockchain technology. During July, Marin Trust announced plans for mandating the recording of essential information. It is regarding fish by-products, like Omega 3 fish oil. It is for outlining its mission and traceability of the technology’s importance in the prospect. 

The impact of this particular project is likely to extend beyond the mango industry exclusively. With the passing days, organisations are likely to realise the importance of blockchain-based supply chain solutions. They will use it for businesses and other purposes. Producers throughout the globe will realise the advantages of blockchain-based food traceability platforms. A platform that is developed as a part of a smart supply chain project is likely to rule the supply chains and organisations in various firms throughout the globe.

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