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Blockchain Unites With Cloud Gaming Services to Form a Brand New Ecosystem

The gaming industry faced a major setback with its incurring expense on the gaming consoles. Blockchain and cloud technologies helped the industry back on its feet.

The greatly popular gaming industry was losing out on a single point. The requirement for new hardware systems year after year. Each year the companies launched a newer version of the games and the gamers had to upgrade their systems for a whopping $300-$500. This invariably resulted in a decline in user enthusiasm towards an annually recurring cost.

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The Solution

With the customer’s interests wearing off; a fact reflecting on the balance sheets, the makers struck gold with a novel plan. The solution came in the form of Cloud Gaming Service, also known as games that work through streaming services. The gamers may now play updated versions of their games with any existing hardware without the need to continually upgrade their systems. Cloud gaming enables gamers to play through the internet and there remains absolutely no need for a new processor or a video card.

The Trouble

Trouble started brewing thereafter, as the services faced continuous interruptions. The reasons were two-fold: Internet quality and service difficulty. As the first improved over the years the second posed serious problems that stalled the development for a while. Additionally, Cloud gaming required very expensive and rare GPU-based servers. A solution was, however, soon found. A cloud gaming pioneer company, launched in 2012 and had acquired the leading position soon.

Resolution With Blockchain

After a while, playing with the expensive GPU servers, this gaming company realized how to do it right. The service team came up with an idea. They decided to create a totally new client through the general decentralized system, using which the owner of the upgraded gaming PC would be able to rent it to someone. Other gamers could access the game for a low price. The technology enables other users the opportunity to create more cloud services which would, in turn, reduce the price of the service and also increase the number of gamers in the process.

Blockchain allows for the creation of a trustless environment that enables an immutable transaction between two gaming parties over the internet.


The gaming platforms are usually hosted on centralized servers. The transactions are mostly made from a hand-held device or a PC, both ways without adequate security measures. Moreover, assets stored in the gaming accounts are liable to be stolen. Blockchain offers the safest alternative to store anything of value. They are inherently incorruptible. Holding those digital gaming assets on a blockchain would reassure a gamer who has dedicated effort to collect those assets.

Time and Cost of Transactions in Gaming

Gaming unites the world. Players from different countries often play popular games against each other. Transferring assets overseas incurs several days of delay in processing. Blockchain provides the solution through its instant payment option across the globe incurring a very low charge. This implies, there would be no restriction to playing games.

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Blockchain in Future Gaming

The combination of blockchain and games is what makes gaming all the more interesting and attractive. It is possible to build a virtual world infusing lifelike realities. Advances in virtual reality will bring on even better integrated real-world experiences than we now perceive.

Here blockchain revolutionizes the industry of games making use of cloud services and building an ecosystem that is to continue to operate seamlessly.

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