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Cannabis Producer in California Adopts Blockchain Technology to Track Weed

A cannabis-based nursery in California has adopted smart contracts and blockchain technology to verify the originality, and authenticity of the medicinal plants. The clones will be provided with certificates of smart contract on the blockchain technology to verify the originality of the medicinal herb and its genetic lineage. 

Cannabis Nursery to Verify the Genetic Lineage, and Authenticity of Medicinal Herbs

Mendocino Clone Company, a cannabis nursery got its name in the partnership announcement from the tech firm Global Compliance Applications, and EMTRI projects on 13th Jan 2023. 

It will take up the capabilities of blockchain technology to certify the baby plants or clones with a batch certificate. The cannabis nurseries specialize in plant genetics, by producing baby plants, clones, and seeds for conducting wholesale distribution. 

According to the nursery, this will allow the nurseries to document the journey of cannabis plants from their early stages until it becomes a primary consumer product based on the weight per gram. 

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The Batch Certificates Will Start From the First Week of February

Every clone batch has a batch certificate which is a self-generated smart contract. The Cannabis nursery creates a “unique identity block” for every new baby plant and links it to the Ethereum-based blockchain. 

The client base of the cannabis nursery such as retail dispensaries, and commercial farms can use the database to verify the genetic lineage and the originality of the herbs. On the first week of February 2023, the first round of batch certificates will be available. 

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EMT Rewards Blockchain Project Participants

To participate in the blockchain project, the licensed cultivators that buy the Mendocino clones will be rewarded with better rates and EMTRI tokens. 

Launched in November 2022, EMT provides rewards to the participants of blockchain-based projects. The tokens can be staked for further yields, or traded for USDC on Uniswap. However, EMT is not listed on any crypto market data platforms or centralized exchanges. 

Scott Zarnes, the co-founder of EMTRI corporation states that “they are excited to become the first company in the United States to adopt the blockchain technology in the cannabis industry.” 

Crypto and Cannabis Combination is Not a New Concept

A cannabis-themed metaverse project known as Cannaland was launched in November to create digital space for cannabis lovers. 

In 2022, January a customized pipe maker launched tokenized bongs with celebrities like Santana and Snoop Dog for snapping non-fungible tokens. 

In 2014, CannabisCoin (CANN), and PotCoin (POT), were launched to provide a virtual currency, especially for the cannabis industry. However, it didn’t receive much recognition. 

In Conclusion

Blockchain technology is evolving and has disrupted different industries worldwide. The new project in the cannabis industry is only increasing the use cases of state-of-the-art technology.

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