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Climate Tech Solutions is The Need Of The Hour! Here’s Why

The change in local weather and the surrounding environment is increasing every year. Blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury requests initiating climate-conscious efforts and believes that it’s about time to accept climate tech solutions as an attainable option. 

Why Is It Important To Adapt Climate Tech Solutions?

The surging turmoil is justified in contemplating the irreversible fact that the Global temperature is high. As per World Meteorological Organization, the pre-industrial level (1850 to 1900) has increased by 1 degree Celsius in the last year. Following reports replicate the increase in Worldwide carbon emission measured at a new value of 36.44 billion tones in 2019. However, in the recent year, the emission was 5.8% lower which associates with the global covid pandemic.

The environment-friendly segment is not a diverse sector. More than six hundred investments were made in the industry in the twelve months of 2021, which amounts to more than US$ 40M. The aim to make the greenhouse fuel emissions zero by 2050 is important to accomplish to prevent any further weather disasters. Minimal garbage recycling and carbon credit score deals are not enough to keep the environment safe. It is crucial to settle efforts from all parts. Blockchain-based agricultural tech, environmental asset digitization, and carbon market are some of the possible prospects of making a difference.

Blockchain Pioneer Raj Chowdhury Talks About Measures to Control Carbon Emissions

“There are various initiatives taken by the industries to lower carbon emissions. Many companies are adopting the use of cryptocurrency as a reward for low carbon energy production, drop in power consumption, or using cloud companies to work online. The productivity of these ideas is the key to figuring the climate tech solution that our future requires.”, says Mr Chowdhury. The CEO of a global software development company, Hashcash Consultants, has shared his concern about carbon reduction and increasing DAO adoption for honourable purposes in various blockchain marketplaces.

Hashcash consultants provide all the three elements of innovation, excellence, and transparency in global blockchain improvement. The US-based firm introduced its white-label produce and customized options in twenty-six international areas and has achieved various awards and honours as a blockchain development company by Worldwide research agencies. Other than its effort in UAE’s crypto revolution, it is popular for its financial solution products like HC Remit, HC Corporate Payments, etc.


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