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Crypto Business Enterprises Must Focus on Security: HashCash CEO

Eminent blockchain pioneer and HashCash CEO Raj Chowdhury presented his thoughts on how the rising number of cryptocurrency service providers around the world is an indicator of rising crypto awareness and its subsequent adoption. A significant percentage of the population already owns digital assets having accepted the notion of a substitute financial ecosystem independent of regulation from centralized regulators, and a robust security system is essential to win over the rest. 

Rising Global Crypto Adoption and Awareness

There has been an exponential growth in global crypto adoption over the past few years, surpassing 300 million in 2021. 100 million of the mentioned figures hail from India alone. 81 million digital asset owners use Bitcoin’s blockchain for crypto storage. Blockchain has also been key to innovations in crypto storage wallets. Current crypto wallets feature multi-signature as well as multi-storage options in the form of hot wallets and cold wallets. 

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CEO Speak

Chowdhury, a noted blockchain proponent and co-founder of the globally acclaimed blockchain development company HashCash Consultants, stated, “The growth in global crypto adoption is an indicator of the people’s dissolution with conventional finance systems. The volatile crypto markets attract traders seeking huge returns, while increased security integrations protect the wallet-stored assets from cybercriminals.”

The Need for Increased Crypto Security 

There has been a notable increase in cybersecurity attacks targeting crypto assets. A large number of hackers deploy ransomware in addition to targeting crypto trading platforms with low security. 

“Blockchain-powered crypto solutions developed by HashCash comply with the strictest standards in crypto security,” mentioned Chowdhury.

One of the prime concerns of both small-scale and institutional investors in regards to trading in digital assets is the associated security risk. Thus, building a reliable platform in compliance with the latest wallet safety protocols and regular security updates are now key integral features. The HashCash-built international crypto-exchange PayBito features these necessary features including DDoS Mitigation, SegWit, Firebase, security encryption, 2FA, and more.  

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Wrapping Up

Each HashCash solution features state-of-the-art security integrations with regular updates. From the white-label crypto exchange, payment processing platforms to solutions for cross-border remittance– HashCash-products enable organizations to leverage the best business growth opportunities, especially in the booming crypto ecosystem. 


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