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Decoding the Future: Top 5 Tech Trends to Watch out in 2022

Technology continued its steady growth throughout 2021. Setbacks due to COVID-19 did stall the progress rate. However, the global pandemic also helped set certain things in the right alignment, particularly in biotech research. Moving forward, here are the top 5 tech trends to look out for in 2022.

Top 5 Tech Trends in 2022

  • AI and Machine Learning

AI innovations will appear regularly with tireless contributions from AI researchers and engineers. Upcoming AI applications will utilize re-trained language models to provide unique experiences with a lesser effort from the developer end. 

Low-code and no-code frameworks will assist AI developers in designing complicated applications built upon artificial intelligence. Other likely advancements in AI might include self-awareness, self-learning. The latter will guide end-users in application customization as per needs and may include action suggestions in the near future.

  • Quantum Computing 

Despite a nascent stage, quantum computing is making rapid advances. Its potential business applications have not gone unnoticed. The research field will continue to march forward within its own progressive ecosystem, with investments and rapid breakthroughs. 

Global reports for 2021 indicate research funding for start-ups working on quantum computing scaled past USD 1.7 billion. The amount is more than double of the previous year. Trends suggest commercialization attempts on quantum computing will continue to gain serious traction, with increased private investments. 

  • AR, VR, and Mixed Reality

Leading industry experts predict 2022 will mark the announcement of multiple products(glasses) for mixed reality. It is likely that tech organizations will make the announcements for prepping the market up to speed on their consumer product venture. 

Series production of AR, VR, and Mixed Reality accessories is expected to begin in 2023. The primary requirements for a good AR headset(or other devices) include a platform that features robust hardware and software for software development. Other factors for consideration include aesthetics, comfort, and an easy-to-use UI. 

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  • Biotech Industrialization

The next industrial revolution will occur in biotechnology. The speed of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine development is evidence of the efficacy of engineering in healthcare. However, vaccine development is just the starting point of the revolution which will be fueled by AI-powered industrialization in the fields of biotech and healthcare. 

The transformation will feature the transition of previously manual processes into foreseeable, repetitive, and scalable solutions. The year 2022 will also likely see an increasing number of organizations offering comprehensive full-stack solutions catapulting biotechnology to levels unheard of.

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  • Web 3.0 and the Blockchain

Tech-centric people all over the world are anticipating the launch of Web 3.0. The arrival is inevitable, and what remains to be seen is its impact. Over a longer time period, Web 3.0 will dispatch the existing general view on application development. The current internet has its faults, risking user data at the hands of social media corporations. The proposed Web 3.0 is powered by decentralized blockchain technology and will revert ownership of data back to the user. This way, Web 3.0 will completely revolutionize the present approach to app development and privacy. 

Already being used for cross-border settlements, we’ll see increasing blockchain adoption for P2P transactions, remittances, and countless other applications. Blockchain is already popular at an enterprise level, optimizing processes through cost-cutting, removal of intermediaries, and expediting transactions. The adoption will increase further with the arrival of newer blockchain innovations such as DeFi, enterprise tokens, and CBDCs.

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Final Words

Prioritizing human life ought to be the focal point of progress in any field, technology included. Future innovations in IoT, including its integration with AI, blockchain, or cloud, can facilitate virtual primary care and remote monitoring. Meanwhile, the democratization of app development processes and public transparency will result in better feedback and customization. Sustainable tech development will boom big in the years to come, evident by growing global investments in ESG and other climate funds. Decentralization is key for current technology to grow and make a positive impact in the upcoming years.

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