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Brokering World Hunger Away, Featured

Defying Gender Norms: How PayBito Empowered Namrata to Fight for Her Education and Freedom

PayBito’s mission to end global hunger took them to the remote villages of Sundarbans, India, where they were confronted with the harsh realities faced by women and children.  While hunger, poverty, and climate change were pressing concerns for the locals, the PayBito team also discovered the heartbreaking truth that many girls are forced into early marriages and denied access to education. While the world was moving ahead, the team found that women in these villages are still subjected to sex trafficking, child marriage, and early-age pregnancy. 

“During our mission to end global hunger in Sundarbans, we witnessed firsthand the heartbreaking realities faced by girls who are denied access to education and forced into early marriages. This perpetuates a cycle of poverty and limits opportunities for these girls to reach their full potential” 

– PayBito team (Brokering World Hunger Away Movement)

“On our mission to end hunger in the vanishing deltas of Sundarbans, we found a hidden gem. Namrata is an example of determination, the future of tomorrow.”

Let us take you to the story of Namrata’s great escape to education and empowerment. 

From Oppression to Opportunity: The Inspiring Tale of Namrata

“I ran away from my house, and I do not want to go back”

-Namrata (12 year old)

When we first met Namrata at a child care center in Sundarbans, these were the very words she spoke to us. She displayed remarkable courage and fearlessness as she boldly shared her story, refusing to be silenced or intimidated. 

“My parents dropped me out of school two years ago. They made me work in the field all day while my brothers went to school. I want to study too, but no one bothered. I was told, girls don’t need education, as they will eventually get married and start a family. One day my father came home and saw me going through my old books. He burnt them. That’s when I decided I have to run away.”

Despite the Indian government’s efforts and initiatives to promote girls’ education, the team was shocked to find that child marriage is still prevalent in Sundarbans. The PayBito team recognized that helping these girls was one of their greatest challenges. Hunger, in some way or another, is linked to almost every issue on the islands of Sundarbans. As they work towards ending hunger, PayBito is also committed to empowering girls with education and resources to build brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

A Beacon of Hope: How PayBito is Empowering Girls in Sundarbans through Education

“When Namrata expressed her reluctance to return home, it became clear to us that action was needed. We recognized that there were countless girls like her, whose education was being hindered by poverty or who were at risk of being forced into marriage. It was then that we decided to seek out these girls and offer them our support and guidance, bringing them under our wing.” 

PayBito CEO Raj Chowdhury

With the collaborative efforts of local villagers and non-profit organizations like Champa Mahila Samity, PayBito was able to make a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of girls in the Sundarbans deltas. 

Promoting the Value of Education: One of the ways in which PayBito is encouraging parents to send their girl child to school is by working closely with local communities and leaders. By partnering with community members and enlisting their support, PayBito is promoting the value of education and breaking down stereotypes and cultural norms that may prevent girls from attending school.

Offering Scholarships and Free Resources: PayBito’s efforts to provide scholarships and after-school programs for girls have proven to be effective in encouraging parents to send their daughters to school. These programs offer girls access to educational resources, mentorship, and support, and have helped to increase enrollment rates for girls in Sundarbans.

With PayBito’s help, Namrata is not only pursuing her education but also taking dance lessons and living a contented life. When asked by a PayBito team member about her future aspirations, she replied,

“I aspire to be a teacher and someday I will return to my village to establish a school that will provide education to all children. My mission is to make my parents proud and to demonstrate that girls can achieve anything. I believe that given the chance, girls can surpass men and excel in all areas.” 

-Namrata (13yr old, aspiring teacher in Sundarbans, India)

PayBito is helping to break down barriers that have historically prevented girls from accessing education. Through their joint efforts, they were able to provide education, resources, and support to girls like Namrata who had been previously deprived of these opportunities. Their work has helped to build a brighter future for the girls of Sundarbans, empowering them to break free from cycles of poverty and oppression.

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