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Facebook Data Leaked of Half a Billion People

Lately, millions of data have been compromised from the end of Facebook for billions of users. The leaked information incorporates Facebook ID, phone number, location, email address, birth date, full name, location, bio as well as relationship status. As per security analysts, private and personal data concerning more than half a billion users of Facebook happened to be leaked on a well-trafficked hacking forum today. It indicates a potential risk to various cryptocurrency traders as well as HODLers. Presently, they might be vulnerable to identity-based attacks as well as sim swapping. 

Who Discovered the Facebook Data Leak? 

The chunk of data was initially discovered by Alon Gal. He happens to be the chief technical officer of a security firm and he posted on Twitter regarding the leak today. According to him, the Facebook data leak is associated with a security vulnerability that initially happened 2 years ago. 

In January 2021, it turned out to be disclosed that hackers were capable of using the data for accessing the phone numbers of the users. Presently, the Facebook data leak expanded to incorporate Facebook ID, location, full name, phone number, birth date, past location, account creation date, bio relationship status as well as email addresses.

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What Can the Information Lead To? 

The leaked data can presently facilitate hackers as well as scammers to deploy several social manipulation exploits along with the different nefarious tactics. Certainly, bad actors will utilize the data for hacking, marketing, social engineering as well as scamming. 

Risk for Crypto Users

Crypto users happen to be at particular risk of the above-mentioned attacks. During the initial phase of 2021, a victim concerning a sim-swapping attack happened to sue a mobile phone company for quite a million dollars. Organizations discovered that hackers were capable of stealing 21000 Ethereum. Apart from that, the date of breach happened to be in orders of magnitude bigger than the ledger bridge in 2020. With lots of users’ data leaking online, users happen to report extortionist threats as well as considered lawsuits against the company. 

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