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FBI Secures Information to Track Ransomware Attackers

FBI along with two additional federal agencies MS-ISAC, and CISA, pleaded with citizens to publish information that helps them to track the location of the hackers. 

The three federal agencies of the united states, the Cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency, the federal bureau of investigation, and the multi-state information sharing and analysis center concurrently published advice seeking information to prevent ransomware invasions. 

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The #Stopransomware Campaign

As a fraction of the #stopransomware campaign, the cybersecurity agencies advise and alert locals of the “Vice Society“. It is a type of ransomware program that hacks information and demands ransomware for decryption. The three agencies foresee an increase in ransomware attacks especially aimed at schools, stating that ” education districts with limited cybersecurity abilities and restricted resources are often vulnerable to attacks“.

Although several measures remain crucial to recent ransomware, the FBI urged US inhabitants to report any information that helps them to track the location of the hackers. Some of the important information that the FBI looks for includes Bitcoin wallet information, IP addresses that link to the attacker, and ransom notes. Authorities can track illicit transactions by using the wallet address on the immutable blockchain network of bitcoin without concern about the trail being deleted or changed.

While bitcoin helps with seamless cross-country transactions, the majority of hackers prefer using fiat currencies to conduct unlawful activities. In 2021, researchers found that 0.15% of the activities on blockchain networks were related to crime, and have been decreasing at a rapid pace over the years. Moreover, three federal agencies demotivate Americans from paying ransom payments as they do not guarantee casualty files to be recouped. People affected by such attacks can report the information by checking into a local FBI office or through official channels of communication. 

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In Conclusion

A ransomware attack crypto wallet on Maastricht University based in the Netherlands was tracked down by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service. In 2019, a ransomware attack seized all the assets of the university such as emails, library resources, research data, etc. The University agreed to pay the hackers who demanded €200,000 worth of bitcoins, at present the value stands at €500,000.

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