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FIFA 2022 World Cup Pushes Metaverse to New Frontiers of Integration Possibilities

FIFA has announced its collaboration with several entities to bring this year’s football world cup and metaverse in one deck. The collaborations include introducing a new AI-controlled football game, buying/selling virtual properties and prediction games, and, the gem of all, watching the game in 360-degree through VR goggles.

FIFA’s Introduction In The Crypto World

The above features are just an introduction to what FIFA plans to achieve during its next world cup. It has filed for a trademark for digital & cryptocurrency exchanges, virtual stock trading, virtual sports gear/clothing, financial payment services, monetary services, and digital & cryptocurrency processing services. The marketing for these ventures is also through the roof, with Ronaldo partnering with crypto firms to release NFT collections.

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Expert Amazing With Metaverse Features

There are many restrictions to watching the world cup live in Qatar, given the COVID scare and the hefty prices of the plane and stadium seats. But metaverse is bridging the gap and gifting you the future of football.

  • Watch the game with 360-degree video, virtual interactions with fans, virtual anchors, and more.
  • Sports fan tokens are already creating hype in the crypto universe. The fan tokens are cryptocurrencies representing a fan base. Fans can buy tokens to support their teams and enjoy several perks. However, caution is essential as, after FIFA 2022, the future of fan tokens will likely be non-existent.
  • FIFA and Upland are collaborating to create a gamified FIFA experience with a Lusail Stadium replica with all the branded stores and villages for fans to visit virtually via the metaverse.
  • Thanks to NFTs, you can also own several mementos and passes.
  • Enjoy a real-life experience with hand-picked FIFA picture/video moments, buy virtual properties in Upland, customize their virtual home, visit virtual branded stores/villages/showrooms, win prizes, and be a part of the legacy community.
  •  FIFA has created a social prediction game with football cards for fans looking for a thrill and challenge.
  • FIFA collaborates with several blockchain fintech to create NFTS to record and distribute FIFA assets. FIFA plans to use blockchain technologies for media exposure, promotional events, and advertisements.

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The New FIFA Game With Web 3.0

AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition is rich with AI characters in which the players can play as players or coaches. You can mold your team with training sessions, power-ups, trade characters, and more. Unlike other versions, you are not restricted to football field matches. You can also choose streetball locations in Seoul, Paris, Rio, and more.

Metaverse Evolving The Hospitality Industry

A World Cup of any sport is always associated with tourism too. But is metaverse restricting this industry by allowing fans to enjoy everything from their couch? No, hotels are getting the best out of this deal. Some hotels have linked their infrastructure with VR technology for fans to join in virtual rooms, celebrate their superstars, interact with like-minded fans, and more. Some hotels have invested in exclusive viewing rooms for their guests to watch the live game like they are watching from the 50-yard line but without the nuisance of the crowd.

Hotels do not see this as a one-time investment and opportunity for FIFA 2022 but also believe this hype will be carried around by other sports like cricket, the Olympics, and others, thereby improving their seasonal customer footprint.

Wrapping Up

It is high time the digital world and sports universe merge. We have the beginning of the future of the sports industry, and we are lucky to watch this unveil. After all, blockchain has already swept into agriculture, accounting, insurance, education, real estate, banking, and more. However, we must wait for FIFA 2022 to see how these will turn out.

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