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Brokerage Brings Smiles To Hungry Kids – PayBito Avows To Work Towards Zero Child Hunger

It might sound inhumane, but if you were to see child hunger in an economic sense, hunger is a hurdle to economic growth and is bad for development. Persons having lived in impoverished conditions truly understand the magnitude of hunger as a calamity– it extends well beyond physical and emotional discomfort. It is not unnatural for experts to equate and find a relationship between hunger to economics. A personal impact affecting 3.1 million children every year will have a massive effect on every facet of the world. In such a scenario, isn’t everyone responsible for working towards zero hunger? And, how can a crypto trading platform contribute to the cause?

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A Study On The Economics Of Hunger

In Malawi, COHA estimated that the nation loses 600 million USD yearly because of child hunger. It amounts to 10% of the nation’s GDP. If you magnify, 60% of the adults in this nation were stunted during childhood. Due to chronic hunger, beyond their physical development, cognitive development also took a toll. Thus, with generations, hunger gets rooted deep into a nation, crippling its development from the base.

Maybe something closer to home would ring a loud bell. How about the fact that America loses $160 billion every year due to hunger? The country’s federal and state spending on higher education is less than $160 billion. Hunger leads to poor health, which increases healthcare costs. The cost of hunger in America is affecting its crime rate, labor productivity, GDP, educational output, and more.

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Why Is Child Hunger No Longer The Problem Of The Poor?

11.2% of American households are experiencing child hunger. It amounts to 13 million American children at risk of starvation. So, a vast population suffers from chronic hunger or, at the least, chronic malnutrition, leading to poor health. Thus, tomorrow, there will be 13 million working-age Americans who are either too weak to work or do not have the adequate intelligence/cognitive development to work better. How decent do you think America will perform with a mediocre working population?

PayBito: The Pledge to Fight Against Child Hunger

PayBito made global headlines by announcing the debut of the world’s first white-label crypto broker platform. The US-based digital assets exchange also announced its pledge to eradicate child hunger, starting a campaign titled ‘Brokering World Hunger Away.’ Under this pledge, PayBito promised to donate one dollar for every dollar made by its crypto brokers as a commission. This platform offers several income options for its crypto brokers. The primary commission source is earning 50% of the fee when traders trade their products on the platform. The second is via affiliate marketing, in which users make a commission when they join the PayBito platform via their website.

How much commission can a platform give out? Doesn’t it sound meager? PayBito is a large platform with more than 30 million dollars in trade volumes. Thousands of crypto brokers join the platform every year, and the trading volume is increasing exponentially. The increasing liquidity, high-end security, regulation compliance, around-the-clock service, AI-powered reports, and easy-to-use dashboard attract several brokers. Given the commission rate and the trade volume, you can get the big picture of how PayBito will make a difference. Thus, with time, the donation towards child hunger causes will multiply, thereby increasing the funding at an accelerated speed.

How to be a part of the Brokering Child Hunger Away campaign?

If you are interested in making a career as a crypto broker, you can easily be associated with PayBito. The registration process is quite simple, and for a nominal subscription fee, you can gain all the resources and services of PayBito. Beyond the improved capabilities, you are also increasing your company’s goodwill as you will now piggyback ride on the reputation of PayBito.

There is high resistance to market entry as a crypto broker as it is filled with giant crypto brokerage firms. But, with the resource of PayBito, you can easily crack into your niche audience.

The Leverage Of Being PayBito’s Crypto Broker

Crypto trading is a world riddled with stigma and myths. The best way to convince your clients is to showcase that you have the right resources and facilities. PayBito is a well-recognized platform and a major player in integrated crypto forex technology.

  • PayBito solutions are used in 26+ countries and have a global reputation.
  • The platform allows you to trade in 400 different crypto markets in several cryptocurrencies.
  •  It is compliant with all federal and state regulations.
  • The PayBito crypto trading platform features DDoS, SegWit, 3-point architecture, FireBase, and encryption for end-to-end security.
  • The platform updates its asset listing regularly and has consistently high liquidity over the years.
  • New crypto brokers can choose the one-month free trial to get the lay of the land before starting their career with PayBito. Click here for free signup and trial.

Wrapping Up

Child hunger is not a one-shot duel but a continuous battle. We need legions from all directions; corporates, governments, non-profit organizations, scientists, etc. PayBito is doing its share as a part of the growing crypto ecosystem. PayBito offers a greater chance for individual crypto brokers to enter the race and underprivileged children to have their first chance at life.

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