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From Despair to Empowerment: A Sundarbans Child’s Transformational Journey

The Sundarbans hold significant global value for its endangered species such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, Ganges and Irawadi dolphins, estuarine crocodiles, and the river terrapin that face the risk of extinction. This habitat is the sole mangrove ecosystem in the world for the Panthera tigris tigris species. Shared between India and Bangladesh, the vast and dense mangrove forest area also has millions of inhabitants, who fight every day for their survival against nature’s fury, dangerous animals, and poverty. 

On their journey to conduct the ‘Brokering World Hunger Away’ movement in the core villages of Sundarbans, the PayBito team uncovered some of the harsh realities of Sundarbans. While hunger and poverty are constant problems for the people of Sundarbans, it often leads to several other problems like migration, child labor, sex trafficking, and more. PayBito team explored the core villages and understood the different problems faced by the villagers in their day-to-day activities. 

The World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO in the region is not only distinct but also a site of conflict for the locals. Over the last decade, the area has been severely affected by climate change, resulting in frequent cyclones. The islands are sinking, and several islands in the region are predicted to vanish shortly. As a result of climate change, people are losing their homes, villages, and lands, and child labor has increased in the area. The PayBito team identified and interviewed numerous child laborers in the Gosaba and Kumirmari villages.

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From Tea Shop to Classroom: Atanu’s Story of Overcoming Obstacles

On their way to explore the different islands of Sundarbans, the PayBito team came across the Atanu, a ten-year-old boy working in a tea shop. The boy was wearing rugged clothes, with no shoes. The team halted for a tea break and also got the chance to speak with Atanu. 

“I am Atanu, and I am ten years old. I work here in the tea shop in exchange for money. I also work in a nearby hotel on weekends to support my father.”

Residing in the Kalitala village of Sundarbans, Atanu is a ten-year-old boy who works at a tea shop. Due to his family’s extreme poverty, he is compelled to work instead of enjoying his childhood by playing and attending school. The PayBito team was dismayed to discover the heart-rending account of Atanu’s hardships and his family’s struggle to obtain food on a daily basis.

“I am working for the past two years after the Amphaan cyclone destroyed our village and my house. We had an agriculture field, but due to the flood, the salt water damaged the lands. I cannot go to school, as I work here in the tea shop.”

Ten-year-old Atanu’s life is arduous and challenging due to his family’s extreme poverty and the aftermath of the Amphaan cyclone that destroyed their village and home. He is forced to work at a tea shop for the past two years instead of attending school, as his family struggles to obtain food and basic necessities every day. Additionally, the flooding and saltwater have ruined their agricultural fields, further exacerbating their poverty. Atanu’s situation is a poignant example of the impact of climate change and poverty on vulnerable communities.

“My father works in a hotel near Canning station. On weekends, as there is a rush of tourists, I help my father in the hotel in the mornings and come back to work in the tea shop in the evening. Since, Amphaan, tourists have been a huge help to us.”

Atanu mentioned that his father is employed at a hotel near Canning station, and during weekends when there is an influx of tourists, he aids his father in the mornings before returning to the tea shop in the evening. Since the Amphaan cyclone, tourists have been a significant source of assistance for their families. 

Atanu and other children like him in Sundarbans are unfortunately deprived of educational opportunities, which makes them vulnerable to the negative impacts of poverty. This often leads to a cycle of struggle and limited prospects, where they are unable to break free from the circumstances that their parents faced before them. As a result, they are often unable to thrive and fulfill their potential, perpetuating the cycle of poverty and hunger in their community.

PayBito on its mission to end global hunger realized the deeper problems that the villagers are facing which ultimately result in poverty and hunger. While climate change is a much bigger problem, PayBito has pledged to make the lives of children like Atanu better and give them their fundamental right to education. 

Global Initiative by PayBito: ‘Brokering World Hunger Away’ Movement

PayBito, a cryptocurrency broker platform, is taking bold steps to combat world hunger through its latest campaign, “Brokering World Hunger Away.” The platform offers tailored services for entrepreneurs, institutional investors, and individuals looking to invest in the cryptocurrency market, with a user-friendly account opening process that takes less than three minutes.

Investors who join PayBito not only have access to a reliable source of passive income but also have the chance to support the “Brokering World Hunger Away” movement. PayBito’s “Dollar for a Dollar” program ensures that for every commission earned on the platform, an equivalent amount will be dedicated to this initiative. This presents a unique opportunity for investors to make a meaningful contribution to society and help end global hunger without any investment or risk involved.

From Child Labor to Education: PayBito’s Life-Changing Impact on Atanu

PayBito pledged to help the children of Sundarbans who are deprived of proper education. Here’s how!

  • Scholarship Programs: PayBito offered scholarship programs for children like Atanu who are unable to afford education. By partnering with local schools and educational institutions, PayBito provides financial support to cover the costs of school fees, textbooks, and other necessary supplies.
  • Educational Infrastructure Development: PayBito invested in developing educational infrastructure in the Sundarbans region, such as building new schools, renovating existing ones, or providing equipment and resources for classrooms. 
  • Awareness Campaigns: PayBito launched awareness campaigns to promote the importance of education among the Sundarbans community. By collaborating with local leaders, educators, and parents, PayBito educated them about the benefits of education and encourage them to prioritize it for their children, including Atanu.

PayBito also helped Atanu’s family overcome financial challenges and create a sustainable solution. By providing them with training, resources, and financial support, PayBito helped Atanu’s family establish a small business, such as a food or handicrafts business, that generates income and creates job opportunities for others in the community.

Moreover, PayBito facilitates access to financial services such as microloans or savings accounts, enabling the family to build financial stability and security for the future. By investing in the Sundarbans region and working with local communities, PayBito fosters sustainable economic growth and helps break the cycle of poverty that Atanu’s family and many others in the region face. This approach will create long-term solutions that empower families and communities to thrive, even after PayBito is not directly involved.

The global initiative of PayBito is no longer limited to ending hunger but also creates a sustainable solution to provide a better life to the villages of Sundarbans. Join PayBito’s crypto broker platform, and be a part of the global movement.

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