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HashCash Announces Development of Blockchain Prototype against Child Trafficking

Global blockchain development company HashCash Consultants presents a blockchain model proposition to combat world child trafficking. The Distributed Ledger Technology protocol of blockchain will help both governments and child NGOs in rapid identification and locating the residence of rescued children. 

Child Trafficking: A Global Phenomenon

Reports from the United Nations suggest child trafficking makes up as much as one-fifth of the global human trafficking statistics. Human trafficking is a worldwide multi-billion dollar sector occurring both in developing and developed countries. The proposed model will help child protection and law enforcement officers in quick biometric identification.

CEO Speak

Blockchain pioneer and HashCash CEO Raj Chowdhury says, “Human trafficking easily ranks among the biggest illegal businesses on a global scale, surpassing drug smuggling in some nations. Blockchain digital ID on a national or international scale can expedite identification processes for child protection officers and registered volunteers.”

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Blockchain Biometric Solution Against Child Trafficking

The model prototype will address two major current setbacks. The first challenge lies in the proper collection of biometric information for children and toddlers. The first challenge lies in uploading the entire biometric information from national ID cards for children on the blockchain database. Nations need to build such documentation if not existing. Building a nationwide blockchain network is the second challenge. However, the second one can be solved with government cooperation and infrastructure setup.

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HashCash: A Global Force in Blockchain Solutions

“The amalgamation of modern technology and inter-governmental cooperation can forge a revolution speeding up identification and provenance. The optimization will speed up operations providing enforcement officers more time to crack down on human and child traffickers,” mentioned Chowdhury.

HashCash has been a frontrunner in blockchain solutions and innovation, securing the first position in a global business research list. In research, the company has been involved in domains varying from space, DNA sequencing, biometric identification, and even anti-drug trafficking. 

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Final Words

HashCash, the US-based blockchain development company, offers specialized technical solutions across sectors such as banking and finance, cryptocurrencies, digital identification, and more. The company hopes to make a positive impact on a global level, solving the biggest challenges with innovation, compassion, and excellence.


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