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HashCash Consultants Builds a Blockchain-Based Travel Rewards Platform

HashCash Consultants declares its latest project which is a joint initiative with a wholesale travel company. The US-based firm is providing a reward platform for the travel company on a blockchain database. Earlier, the company also provided a loyalty rewards platform for an e-commerce website. 

How Can HashCash Transform The Travel Reward Platform?

The main purpose of using a blockchain-based platform is to optimize operations from other travel reward platforms. The platform will provide the users with the opportunity to become a part of a network that offers affordable prices for resort check-ins with program offers. The platform will provide the users with a Web 3.0 experience and avail discounted prices. The business model designed by the HashCash team and the travel company will overcome the challenges that break the ordinary already existing reward platforms. 

CEO Speaks

“The blockchain-powered system should build an ecosystem represented by tokens and NFTs allowing users to earn while they search, share, add reviews, make reservations, and stay,” stated Raj Chowdhury, the CEO of HashCash and a noted blockchain pioneer.

Recent Projects By HashCash Consultants

HashCash Consultants was awarded top honours in blockchain development across San Francisco by a worldwide research firm. The company disclosed its expansion plans to build a new development center in Dubai. The company also announced building a HashCash park in Bengal Silicon valley after acquiring a two-acre land in the heart of Kolkata. Moreover, HashCash has planned to decentralize its HR department, which will help them to operate easily rather than depending upon the central headquarters. The company is also on a hiring spree to support its team. The company has planned to hire over a hundred employees. 

“The blockchain-based system will empower the travel industry by introducing an infrastructure that resolves existing issues and offers a scalable solution,” said Chowdhury, a firm believer in innovation and technology.

In Conclusion

HashCash has deployed products in over twenty-six countries over six continents with various global banks, industries, and businesses. The travel reward platform will another addition to the variety of industries that HashCash reconstructed with new architecture underpinned by blockchain technology. This provides a glimpse of the vision of Raj Chowdhury, who incessantly recapitulates the positive sides of the technology, and encourages businesses to accept and adopt blockchain solutions.

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