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HashCash Consultants Listed as the Top Blockchain Development Company in Singapore

Globally renowned for its innovative and technology-driven solutions, HashCash Consultants takes the position as the top blockchain development company in Singapore. A global research firm has listed the company as a leading crypto and blockchain service provider in the region.

In a survey conducted within the industry, the performance of a pool of blockchain companies was reviewed, assessing their range of services and products, their credibility, and overall client feedback. The completion of the survey resulted in HashCash Consultants being listed as the top blockchain development company in Singapore.

“We offer innovative products and services to global enterprises to modernize their operational architecture for a smooth flow of business. We help organizations neutralize the existing shortcomings within their infrastructure through sustainable solutions. HashCash’s ultimate goal is to accelerate blockchain integration across industries through strategic collaborations and partnerships to bring a holistic change for a digitally advanced future.”, commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

HashCash Consultants has headquarters in the USA, with offices in Singapore, Australia, India, and the UAE. They are operational globally through a strong network of partners and clients across industries. The company has strategic collaborations with global banks and financial institutions along with other industry players across verticals.

HashCash works with enterprises offering them advanced technology solutions gravitating on the blockchain, crypto, and other new-age technologies and rebuilding their existing architecture, making it future-ready. They have an exceptional portfolio with successful collaborations and projects involving sectors such as:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Market
  • Gaming Industry
  • Crypto Industry
  • Healthcare and Pharma
  • Retail
  • Mining
  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing, etc.

HashCash has also worked in the public sector, helping government bodies to streamline traditional processes and systems through blockchain integration. The company has an extensive range of highly scalable and advanced blockchain-based products and services.

Along with blockchain system integration, smart contract development, DApps development, and ICO services, they help enterprises with their DLT products, namely HC Net (HashCash’s Blockchain network), HC Remit for low cost and instant remittances, HC Corporate Payment to streamline B2B payments, and blockchain digital identity verification platform. HashCash is also one of the leading providers of white label cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure globally.


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