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HashCash Financial Products to Bolster Efficiency, Agility, and Transparency

As an organization fostering a forward approach in multiple disciplines revolving around several industries, HashCash Consultants brings forth an assortment of solution suites to help manage tangible and intangible products, aiming to deliver the best. 

Financial institutions constitute a core industry that links all other businesses. Hence the rising complexity in its operations stemming from increased demands from the client businesses. Topping the intense dynamics of their internal mechanism are the issues of privacy and security. HashCash provides software support to financial institutions among the various other sectors to help them retain their focus on the ‘banking’ services.

Scenario 1:

Generating a tax provision for reporting is a challenging task. The manual processing of complex accounting rules along with technical tax calculations is error-prone. The proliferation of spreadsheets and ‘bridging’ of information to different locations are tedious tasks performed by the resources. On the other hand, an overstated tax-report is unattractive to customers whereas an under-prepared report turns them away.  


HashCash presents Audity, a feature-rich tax reporting solution suite that comes in handy in this scenario. Audity benefits financial organizations by way of:

  • Delivering automated client outreach programs to source and managing information
  • Managing collection, validation, and maintenance of tax forms and self-certifications
  • Managing investor disclosures on behalf of clients
  • Performing accurate reconciliation and settlement of tax claims
  • Monitoring and reporting change in circumstances.

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Scenario 2: 

Profit maximization demands critical decisions revolving around lending and borrowing. The banks need to review updated securities and financial data along with the expertise to quickly and accurately analyze it. At the same time, it must keep a check on the time and cost constraints.


HashCash’s answer to the above-mentioned challenges comes through Collateralised Securities Management Solution (CSMS) Suite. The CSMS suite offers the most comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end loan management software in syndicated, commercial, consumer, and mortgage lending. HashCash creates a consistent, seamless digital borrower experience for large multinational corporations, mid-sized and small business customers, and consumers.

Securities lending

Scenario 3: 

An enterprise needs to engage an active set of consumers or customers to turn itself into a business. Digitally, there ought to be a platform to attract customers into signing up. Thereafter there needs to be a process in place to convert the new registrations into actual customers bringing in revenue.


HashCash facilitates existing banking system platforms and engaging the associates and customers frictionlessly with HashCash Customer Onboarding System (CBS). The CBS is a collection of interactive modules built on a common enterprise architecture leveraging real-time analytics and open digital API.

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Scenario 4:

Brokerage and traders require consolidated, real-time risk and compliance management along with a lower TCO. Day-traders need trading and charting software in order to enable quicker trading with a clear view of equities, derivatives, and commodities.


Protrade by HashCash is a suite of multi-asset trading solutions for listed equities, derivatives, and commodities providing access to trading avenues around the world. 

Protrade encompasses global market data, along with advanced trade, order execution, and liquidity management systems. The Protrade also allows pre-trade and post-trade risk and compliance solutions. 

Scenario 5:

Financial deals including transactions, trading, remittances, investment products, and other financial instruments are never risk-free. There is a need for asset-liability management (ALM) and capital management. There always needs to be a check against threat-entities and a robust infrastructure to combat financial crimes.


HashCash brings you Risk Management and reporting Solutions (RMS). RMS is designed to minimize liquidity risk for a better-looking Balance sheet. It provides complete support for ASL and capital management as well as for Real-time cash accounting and analysis. This is also built to provide you with the correct strategic direction to address banking regulations like Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB) and IFRS 9.

Scenario 6:

  • There is a significant want for real-time insight into a company’s global cash positions and managing credit facilities across all bank accounts. 
  • Money transfer involves great lengths of time and higher processing time and higher reconciliation cost. 
  • No access for consolidated information for group-wide, multi-currency positions across a fragmented banking network in a time-bound manner. 
  • Dire needs to pace up and streamline the company’s cash, liquidity, risk, and working capital management to attain the greatest visibility over their business-critical function and reach higher strategic control.


HashCash combines blockchain technology with related smart contracts and APIs to conjure a solution that is capable of drastically speeding up transactions in a secured way while significantly reducing the cost factor – the Treasury and Liquidity Management Services (TLMS)

  • Distributed ledger – enables auto-reconciliation
  • Smart Contracts – help teams define and set pre-configured rules that securely enable automated, real-time transactions. They include key corporate treasury functions such as regulatory and corporate compliance requirements including KYC, account opening or transactions such as intercompany loans, FX and netting, manage liquidity in multiple currencies, transfers among any approved entities, etc. 
  • API integrations – API-based integrations with existing ERP and TMS systems
  • API integration with banks – use of APIs for real-time intra-day bank transactions processing as opposed to end-of-day batch processing. Enabling the transfer of critical information and data between corporate entities and their banks and data providers, as well as between corporate entities.

In the world of digitization, HashCash Consultants chooses to thrive by way of reimagination, innovation, research, and development. This materializes the new concepts into full-fledged tools of new-age banking. It is a matter of time until the implementation of the above-mentioned software suites and those in the pipeline are instrumented into a novel banking environment.

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