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HashCash Offers Investment Management Solutions to a Global Asset Management Company

HashCash Consultants, a Global blockchain development company, helps a global wealth management company based in the USA by developing an open architecture investment management system. The open architecture investment management system helps the Global wealth Management company to streamline its essential processes. 

What is an Open Architecture?

Open architecture can be referred to as financial organizations’ ability to provide their customers with proprietary and external products and services. The open architecture investment management system of HashCash Consultants will help the Global wealth and Asset Management company solve the conflicts of favoritism and interest and carry out their financial activities with ease. 

Role of Blockchain in Open Architecture

Blockchain Technology builds and enriches a customer’s profile so that it can surpass excellence. With the open-architecture management system, each of the confidential information points like net worth, social media profiles, account information, and preferences are authorized for providing proper permission and access. Moreover, every individual’s data point and block information is stored securely and accessed by authorized permission. 

Role of HashCash Consultants in Helping the Global wealth and Asset Management Company with its Investment Management System

The investment management system helps wealth managers counter problems regarding open-architecture investment offerings. Generally, wealth managers and counter issues about open-architecture investment offerings. HashCash’s open architecture investment management system enables the portfolio managers to notify the substrate customers in case of any transformations within the portfolio. Here are the steps that highlight the working procedure of HashCash’s open architecture wealth Management System: 

  • Investment managers will have to create and maintain a model that looks like their process of performing it. 
  • With the aid of blockchain, the models could be shared through numerous subscribed brokers. 
  • Individual accounts can be invested based on the model. 
  • Customization for account-level restrictions and constants can be saved and applied. 

Advantages of the Open-architecture Investment Management System

The open architecture investment management system offers a wide assortment of multiple advantages like:

  • Facilitates the sharing of additional transactions and accounts trades seamlessly. 
  • Comes with near-real-time performance, drift data, and Portfolio risk, thereby facilitating managers to obtain greater insights and observe more particularly. 
  • It eliminates the need for some intermediate is liable for settling and executing trades. 
  • Reduces the amount of reconciliation needed by moving from the currently separated master ledger to a secure and distributed one. 

Supported by blockchain, the extensive range of services and solutions of open-architecture investment management system intends to satisfy financial companies’ critical demands while remaining at par with legal and regulatory compliances. 


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