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HashCash Partners with African Enterprise to Provide White Label Crypto Exchange Software

The leading cryptocurrency development company HashCash Consultants extends its expertise to a major African enterprise. They will help the enterprise to launch their very own digital assets trading platform, by using HashCash’s white label crypto exchange software as the underlying infrastructure. By leveraging the white label infrastructure, they will be able to benefit from its scalable features and advanced tools to provide the users of the new exchange with fulfilling trading experience.

“The white label crypto exchange software comes with a plethora of sophisticated trading features and tools, along with inherent connectivity with the world are leading exchanges that provide a strong launching ground for the new trading platform”, commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO of HashCash Consultants.

Headquartered in the USA, HashCash Consultants is one of the leading providers of white label solutions in the development of cryptocurrencies and digital assets trading platforms. They have helped in the launch of several crypto exchanges by offering white label software to entrepreneurs and enterprises across geographies.

The advantage of using white label crypto exchange software is that it reduces the development time and cost of a new exchange. New exchanges more than often goes through a grueling phase of trial and errors, which in this case can be skipped because the partner/client enterprise is getting access to a tried and tested infrastructure for launching the new exchange.

Being supported by HashCash’s advanced white label infrastructure, the new exchange will get easily integrated into the major exchanges, ensuring high volume liquidity. It will be fortified by the enhanced security protocols and cryptographic encryption for safe trading. The advantages extend to the coin listing part as well, where the new exchange gets access to the leading cryptocurrencies for trade, being supported by HashCash’s white label crypto exchange software.

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