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HashCash Products AFAS, CMMS to Streamline Banking Processes

HashCash Software Solution Suites AFAS and CMMS are targeted to provide banking support solutions to enhance customer satisfaction through services and maximize profits.

In the age of digitization when global businesses are growing in leaps and bounds, their banking partners must toe the line to meet their increasing demands. This inevitably exerts extra pressure on the bank already laden with multiple responsibilities and must not fail. HashCash designed products offer relief to banking processes. By incorporating a calculated degree of automation and leaving sufficient room for human intervention, these products ensure failsafe banking machinery.

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Active Field Assist Solution (AFAS)

 AFAS is designed with the four-fold objective:

  • Tracking the RM
  • Tracking Sales
  • Tracking Leads from one resource to another
  • Report creation and routing along the hierarchy.

This solution suite functions by:

  1. Daily monitoring of RM sales by routing their visit points.
  2. Form-based creation of leads.
  3. Auto-populate fields with triggers when the customer is not contacted within a stipulated time
  4. Tracking the movement of sales from one resource to another
  5. Requirement based email and SMS triggers
  6. Reporting various aspects of decision
  7. information/Notification alerts from the product team

AFAS comes with a long list of features that include:

  • Geotagging/Location Flow
  • Access from Android/iOS device
  • Report Extraction at the center
  • Easy Update of Details in the formats (customizable forms or lead generation)
  • Individual User ID
  • Mapping of branches/geographies/clients to individual user
  • Validation of Data Submission, enabling Manager to track User Journey
  • Document Transfer
  • Advanced Access-Control and Role-based system

Cash Management Monitoring Solution (CMMS)

CMMS Suite is an Open API-enabled system that is integrated with the existing Client Onboarding Solution Suite (CBS) and other banking applications to monitor and audit the proper utility and disseminations of the expected functionality. CMMS is designed to  

  • Cater to the customer’s changing requirements, 
  • Grant partial automation and flexibility to the Bank Clerk 
  • Support from implementation through maintenance
  • Identify risks and make informed decisions
  • Generate higher profits through added value
  • Offer complete transparency and traceability to audit teams

CMMS Product Features 

  1. Imposition of limits on transactional amounts, by an employee or by class.
  2. Security class employee grouping
  3. Audit trails for each transaction by system, user, date, time, and description
  4. Password controls
  5. Record access level controls
  6. Screen access controls
  7. Full account analysis capability
  8. Flexible service-charge and fee options
  9. Centralized table of rates that can be shared by all products and accounts
  10. Maintenance options to update accrual settings for all accounts automatically
  11. Overdraft management
  12. Fees and interest rates based on consolidated account groups
  13. Variable interest accrual and payment methods

Secure ATM

All ATMs to be operated for cash replenishment only with digital one-time combination (OTC) locks. OTP system is to be developed only for the ATMs where cash replenishment is done by branch staff. Currently, 2 staff use a static password to open the ATM vault door which needs to be changed to an OTP base.

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Secure ATM Product Features

  • Higher Security – True Random Number Generated OTP with secured ECDSA encryption for validation
  • Real-Time Traceability for users tracking (OTP Users Validation)
  • Device Tracking 
  • Access Control with Role & Group Management
  • IP Auditing
  • Reporting & Log Management
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