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HashCash Provides Utility Coin Offering to Singapore-based Startup

The internationally acclaimed blockchain development company to commence a Utility Coin Offering (UCO) venture for a startup company based in Singapore.

A team of experts at HashCash will be designing the virtual asset after setting up a blockchain network for the project. It will be listed on HashCash’s crypto exchange platform, PayBito. Besides PayBito, HashCash will be promoting it in the listings of other major global exchanges. The Global banks, currency exchanges, and Corporates on HC NET have access to the asset through interoperability with the HashCash network. Subsequently, the products owned by HashCash become accessible for payment settlement.

The inaugural phase of the project works on a functional website and drafting of the white paper. HashCash’s development team has embarked upon the second phase. The Singapore-based startup company will have the UCO service. 

The CEO of HashCash Consultants, Raj Chowdhury says, “Utility Coin Offering is one of the native services that HashCash provides. We are happy to enlist our home-grown altcoins.” 

“Our UCO encompasses end-to-end services. From creation through the listing of the digital tokens on our exchange with access to a chain of HashCash products built to convenience and hasten the process,” continues Chowdhury.

Utility Coin Offering is one of the most vital services provided by HashCash Consultants. It is developed by a reliable team with ample experience. The teams are led by knowledgeable supervisors with demonstrated expertise in technology, law, and investment banking.

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HashCash Consultants rank high in the frontlines of blockchain innovation powered by an array of new projects in development. Not only a strong exponent of blockchain, but HashCash is also efficient in introducing solutions to global issues via blockchain.


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