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Hashcash Provides White-Label Crypto Exchange to an Indian Enterprise

HashCash Consultants, a US-based leading blockchain development firm has received several accolades for its cutting-edge white-label crypto exchange software that utilizes cutting-edge blockchain technology. Moreover, the company’s software solution is widely adopted by top financial institutions across the globe. That said, by partnering with financial enterprises worldwide, HashCash Consultants is introducing new strategies and making significant contributions to the thriving crypto industry. Subsequently, in their latest collaboration, the firm has joined forces with an India-based global enterprise to offer their white-label crypto exchange solution.

India: A Potential Crypto Hub in the Coming Years

Statista’s recent research predicts that India, the current G20 president, will have around 156 million crypto users this year. Therefore, this makes India a key player in the crypto industry. Big firms such as Algorand and Polygon targeting their markets. The country has shown a steady increase in adoption over the last few years. According to the report, India is adopting cryptocurrency at a faster rate than Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Russia. In 2023, the country profits around $3.3 billion, which might double by 2027, reaching almost $6 billion. Nevertheless, India is emerging as a potential crypto hub in the future.

HashCash Offers Top-Notch Features in its White Label Crypto Exchange Software 

HashCash Consultants’ white-label crypto exchange software is built on advanced blockchain technology. It offers cutting-edge features, including SegWit, BIP, DB encryption, 3-point architecture, Firebase, and multi-signature hot and cold wallets. Moreover, the software helps to work seamlessly with multiple fiat currencies. It supports different devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows. Furthermore, the latest updates have introduced additional trading options such as Margin, Futures, Leverage, Options, and OTC, among others. Additionally, the software offers various services such as crypto-custodial solutions, crypto-powered banking, crypto-collateralized lending, and more.

CEO Speaks on Offering its White Label Crypto Exchange Software

CEO of HashCash consultants, Raj Chowdhury states, “India is an evolving country, and with the recent growth in crypto adoption, it is a step ahead in becoming the next global crypto hub. We are excited to collaborate and contribute our cutting-edge technology software to fuel crypto adoption among financial enterprises.” Moreover, he has previously addressed the need for standardized regulations for crypto sustenance

Looking Forward

With the global adoption of cryptocurrency, India is staging up. With the growing number of crypto users, India has the potential to become the next global crypto hub. HashCash is extending its top-notch technology and solutions to fuel crypto adoption and innovation in India and the world.


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