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Featured, Post COVID Digital Transformation, Press Release

HashCash to Design Advanced Digital Infrastructure for Major Hospitality Enterprise

Industries are accelerating its efforts to bring digital transformation within their existing architecture, and HashCash has been at the forefront, playing its part in aiding businesses. Known for their scalable innovative solutions in infrastructural development, HashCash has joined hands with a USA-based major hospitality enterprise, to design an advanced digital infrastructure, powered by automated processes for streamlining of operations. The modified system will minimize manual operations and enable low-touch experiences for the guests.

“The post-pandemic new normal demands that we embrace the digital benefits and integrate the same within the existing architecture wherever reformation is needed. Businesses cannot stay shut-down forever. We have to innovate to work around the issues and neutralize the same. That’s what HashCash aims to do for the hospitality enterprise and build them a scalable and futuristic infrastructure”, commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

The ongoing pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the hospitality industry, among others, baring the loopholes within the system. Dependency on majorly manual and a fragmented architecture makes the system vulnerable and thus falling short of efficacy during times of emergencies.

Digitization within the hospitality industry minimizes the need for frequent human interaction, which is the post-COVID new normal priority. It creates a smart automated system that allows the guests to enjoy all amenities through low touch services. It simplifies the internal operations and makes management an easy and comprehensive procedure with little or no room for error.

HashCash’s Digital Solutions for Hospitality Enterprise:

HashCash has designed an all-inclusive digital architecture keeping the specific operational needs of the hospitality industry in mind. They will offer the same with significant customizations required to suit the business structure of the enterprise their working with. As per company sources, the brief outline and the offerings related to digitization will include the following:

  • An integrated platform to oversee the overall business operations and manage the same instead of depending on multiple software and fragmented solutions
  • Creation of user-friendly and intuitive application to enable smart booking, payment, and confirmation with all necessary in one app
  • Enabling mobile check-in and checkout instead of manually doing the same at the reception desk
  • Virtual collaboration tools to take care of every need of the guests, like a digital concierge service

HashCash will design a robust infrastructure with supporting high-end applications for communication between guests and the management. It will enable minimal interaction wherever possible by introducing smart digital integration and automation solutions for the smooth running of the business. Given the present scenario, such an approach will also ensure the safety of the guests and the staff, while the management runs the business as usual.


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