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Featured, Post COVID Digital Transformation, Press Release

HashCash to Launch New Employee Benefits Program Covering COVID Insurance

After enabling long-term remote working for its employees, HashCash Consultants is working on modifying their internal employee benefits policies in the wake of COVID-19. The USA based leading blockchain development company is going to launch a new employee benefits program that will cover a refurbished version of the old health benefits and insurance coverage, putting COVID-19 into the mix along with multiple other aspects concerning the physical and mental health of the employees.

Ever since the pandemic started spreading across the world and with the government initiating lockdown in the US and other countries, HashCash has been prioritizing the health and well-being of the employees above all. It was one of the first companies to announce work from home till 2021 for its employees operating from multiple geographies including, the USA, UAE, Singapore, Australia, and India.

“The employees are our most valuable assets, and their well-being comes first. Given the present COVID situation, we felt it was of utmost importance to modify our existing health benefits and insurance schemes for the employees. It’s been a while since our HR team has been working on it, collaborating with leading healthcare and insurance providers, and formulating futuristic policies. We will soon launch the new employee benefits program that will not only cover the medical insurance and healthcare clauses but other care-giving attributes as well”, commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

HashCash Consultants has a global workforce of 1200+ people hailing from the physical office locations as well as the ones engaged with the partnership program in Africa, the UK, and other countries. For each employee to enjoy the benefits of the new program, the company is collaborating with regional insurance and healthcare providers to make the program more flexible.

There have been ongoing changes within the HashCash’s employee policy throughout the pandemic months. The company has been conducting regular psychological counseling, team building, and life coaching sessions keeping the mental health of the employees in mind. According to company sources, the new employee benefits program will include an online doctor on call facility, virtual fitness sessions, nutritionist consultation, and likewise. There will be a significant modification in medical leave and benefits policies. The company has already put into effect the advance salary option, which will be included within the new program as well.


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