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HashCash to Offer Blockchain Expertise in Swiss TDRS Space Project

Global blockchain development company HashCash Consultants announces yet another space venture with its collaboration with an eminent Swiss space research organization. The firm will be offering its blockchain expertise in building a TDRS Connections project.

Tracking and Data Relay Satellite

Tracking and data relay satellites are used for communication from the surface of the earth to satellites in orbit. The communication tools transfer critical information with the help of relay links. As the name suggests, information transfer occurs in a process similar to a conventional relay race. The implementation of blockchain technology significantly increases process efficiency.

CEO Speak

HashCash CEO and eminent blockchain pioneer, Raj Chowdhury,  has voiced his support for blockchain incorporation in space research, stating, “The merits of blockchain technology impacts space research positively. HashCash’s continued dedication to innovation and excellence has resulted in a strategic partnership with a Swiss space research organization.”

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Smart Contracts: Blockchain Essentials in Space Research

“Blockchain, without a doubt, will become one of the most important technological innovations within a few years. The scope of implementation is too great, and the volume of returns will keep attracting new businesses and investors towards blockchain, time and again,” added Chowdhury.

Widely used blockchain protocols including smart contracts expedite transactions by converting commodities from space into virtual assets. Blockchain architecture also provides additional intelligence options for space shuttles. The near future shall witness optimized conceptual designs that incorporate blockchain efficiently. 

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A Worldwide Force in Blockchain Development

The US-based HashCash Consultants delivers blockchain products and services across 5 continents in more than 26 countries. The global firm recently won the top position among blockchain development companies in a list compiled by an international business research firm. HashCash enjoys a prominent position in blockchain-integrated space research, joining forces with US Space Tech giants for developing projects for orbital asset tokenization as well as constructing a Space Commodities exchange.

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Final Words

The HashCash-Swiss TDRS joint venture will open newer avenues of blockchain incorporation in the research field. This exploration will further lead to newer growth opportunities for space technology.


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