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HashCash to offer Blockchain Expertise to a Major Real Estate Enterprise in South East Asia

Arguably the largest asset class in terms of valuation, the real estate sector has a global market capitalization exceeding US$ 10 trillion. HashCash looks forward to making a positive contribution to the burgeoning sector across south-east Asia, presenting its cutting-edge blockchain solutions for real estate enterprises to leverage the ongoing global digital transformation.

Blockchain in Real Estate

A revolutionary innovation powering the current global crypto transformation, blockchain is showcasing unlimited potential across any segment requiring data authentication and sharing of transaction documents. The technology has been widely used across the real estate sector, starting from urban planning, streamlining the automated collection of rent and lease, or premium payments, tokenization of real estate assets, decentralized exchanges, and more.

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CEO Speak

HashCash CEO and noted blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury stated, “Blockchain’s revolutionary viability is finally being utilized in sectors outside of banking, finance, crypto, public governance, and more. Estate developers can benefit from the increased transparency across sub-contracts, procurement protocols, and more.”

How Blockchain Benefits the Real Estate Sector?

A decentralized real estate exchange allows participants to harness the benefits of asset tokenization across a secure blockchain-powered marketplace. 

HashCash’s proposed blockchain solution will also leverage blockchain digital identities to expedite KYC/AML compliances between tenants and asset owners. The process decreases operational costs while increasing accuracy and efficiency. 

“Real Estate remains a key pillar in any nation’s economy- establishing business and employment opportunities in other associated industries as well,” concluded Chowdhury.

ETH smart contracts facilitate the automation of rent, services, or lease collection across the chain network. Meanwhile, tokenization not only facilitates partial ownership but also enables peer-to-peer transactions using digital assets as a payment medium.

Wrapping Up

The increasing trend of blockchain usage for document authentication and real-time sharing across secure networks is prevalent across nations all over the world. Digitization has replaced conventional paper ‘deeds’ with digital documents- allowing real-time visibility of authentic documents and transactions. These features are invaluable for real estate enterprises willing to transform and adapt to the digital revolution. 


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