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HashCash Welcomes Exchange Affiliates Into Crypto Exchange Ecosystem

The globally acclaimed blockchain development company, HashCash Consultants invites exchange affiliates. The crypto exchange affiliates program urges pertinent organizations to partake in a synergic digital asset exchange marketing business and draw commissions.

HashCash Crypto Exchange

HashCash provides the associates with a cryptocurrency exchange UI interface for an additional charge under their brand name. The affiliate’s exchange order book will contain all the offers provided by PayBito along with multiple global exchanges, and will also mention PayBito associates. The affiliated organization then has to market the asset exchange and lure in customers. The customers shall get offers concerned with the PayBito exchange ecosystem.

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Crypto Exchange Affiliates Program

“Through the exchange affiliate program, we float an opportunity to interested organizations to collaborate and reap profit marketing our digital asset exchange,” remarks HashCash Chief and Blockchain pioneer, Raj Chowdhury.

An associate will have the agency to make or take up an offer of which the commission would be computed as 0.1% for the Maker and 0.2% for the taker. Affiliates will be receiving commissions every month. They can collect the customer details including fees, payment schedules, etc. from the report module in the account. The initial refundable retainer of $5,000 will be refunded when the associate’s proceeds reach above $15,000.

He adds, “This program also offers a slice of the ground-breaking technology that has had a disruptive influence across industries.”

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Affiliate Program Features

The affiliates are accredited with 40% of the maker and taker payment. They are also granted access to the technology behind HashCash’s crypto exchange alongside gaining an exchange license.

Both the parties mutually benefit from this tool. Therefore, it can be iterated that it comes with a novel entry scheme into the world of crypto exchange. As HashCash CEO comments, the only way to achieve sustenance in the crypto sphere is through this synergy and not just contention.


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