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HashCash will Invest USD 10 million in Bengal Silicon Valley, Kolkata, India for Setting Up HashCash Park

International IT and software company HashCash Consultants made a public announcement, detailing its plans to build a state-of-the-art HashCash Park in the upcoming tech industrial hub at Bengal Silicon Valley in the eastern region of India. The firm has committed to invest over USD 10 million in this project through its Indian subsidiary, Blockbase Consultants

HashCash Park: Blockchain Revolution Across East India

The proposed HashCash Park has been allotted over 2 acres of land inside HIDCO’s Bengal Silicon Valley Tech Hub. The blockchain company has previously declared plans for expansion and will be looking forward to recruiting more employees in its India development centre across multiple domains. 

CEO Speak

HashCash CEO  and eminent blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury made the following statement, acknowledging, “HashCash’s success in global digital business transformation services can be attributed to skilled resources with expertise across multiple domains. The proposed HashCash Park is another step forward, upholding our commitment to excellence with talented individuals.”

HashCash Park: Available Features

The upcoming HashCash project will feature the latest technical innovations along with a pioneering research and development lab that will adhere to energy and environment concerns. The entire building will be fitted with solar panels and powered by renewable energy. The project will also constitute open ventilation and natural beautification with trees and plantation; in addition to an auditorium, a wellness center, and care clinics to ensure the overall well-being of its team.

Compliance with Energy and Enrivornmenal Regulations

As explained above, HashCash adheres to energy regulations and nature concerns. The company has advocated for the use of blockchain for humanitarian and environmental processes in the past. 

“The ongoing digital age will persist, but our efforts should always be carried out with resourcefulness and foresight for the upcoming generations,” mentioned Chowdhury, who had previously highlighted the potential of blockchain integration in carbon reduction

Wrapping Up

The upcoming HashCash venture will provide scope for employment and economic development. From the perspective of business leaders, the HashCash Park initiative will propel the development of IT infrastructure across East India. 


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