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HashCash’s ACH Services to Get a Makeover for Use in the Insurance Sector

Global blockchain development firm HashCash Consultants confirms plans of launching a separate version of its popular finance clearing solution ACH Services. The latest extension is targeted towards the insurance sector and is slated to release soon.  

HashCash ACH Services

HashCash CEO and Blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury explains, “HashCash ACH was originally designed as a financial clearinghouse service targeted at banks and financial institutions.”

The flagship financial product integrates features like flexibility, personalization, and privacy in a highly secure environment. The services are available at prices much lower than other legacy services.

Financial Clearinghouse

A financial clearinghouse mediates between a buyer and seller of financial instruments. The designated intermediary authenticates and confirms the transaction, ensuring both member firms honor the trade settlement contracts.

The Automated Clearing House(ACH) design combines advanced technology with state-of-the-art networking to prevent fraud attempts and ensure hassle-free payment processing. The groundbreaking HashCash product also features an adaptive ACH payment interface allowing businesses to make financial transactions. 

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Chowdhury remarked, “New ACH goals attempt to cover the clearinghouse functions of the insurance sector.”

Insurance companies can use ACH services for both sending and receiving funds. It can receive premium payments from insurers. Claimants can also realize their policy claims through ACH after validation.   

The HashCash Commitment

“HashCash products stand out in terms of their scalability and extensibility. This renders our solutions foremost in customization, flexibility, and ease of integration,” mentioned Chowdhury.

HashCash is a long-term proponent of blockchain implementation across diverse industrial sectors. The firm prefers continuous improvement and implementation over one-time better superior design. The approach facilitates tweaks, adjustments, and incorporation of updated components in line with progress. 


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