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HashCash’s Core Banking Solutions Bring Digital Transformation in Global Banks

HashCash Consultants drives digital transformation by aiding global banking systems with advanced core banking solutions to modernize the existing legacy infrastructure. The company is working with multiple banks around the world to streamline their operational architecture through a varied range of payment and banking solutions powered by advanced core banking applications. These applications are integrated with the existing core banking architecture, augmenting the same to unleash full potentiality.

“Core banking, although in operation at present, is still fragmented with crucial banking functions being executed through manual processes. HashCash’s core banking solutions integrate that legacy infrastructure with advanced and scalable digital applications streamlining payments and onboarding on a unified and secured ecosystem that is fortified with enhanced security protocols. It empowers the banks to offer better service to the consumers, introducing a reformed banking system to them,” says Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

HashCash’s Core Banking Solutions:
HashCash Consultants aids banks and multinational financial institutions to cater to consumer requirements while upholding the regulatory compliances and adhering to the same. They offer an extensive range of customizable and agile solutions to modernize critical banking operations. Values like digital customer services, seamless onboarding, cost-effective, and instant payment processing are implemented, making it easier for both organizations as well as its customers. HashCash provides a fully integrated core solution to augment the legacy system.
The principle benefits of such a system include:

  • Increase productivity and operational efficiency of banks and financial institutions
  • Deliver unique and seamless customer experience
  • Manage growth while maintaining scalability
  • Accelerate collaborations through open APIs
  • Better management of customer relations with a high CSAT ratio
  • Full security coverage for all transactions
  • Real-time settlement of payments
  • Total ROI optimization

HashCash has strong-ties with more than sixty banks across geographies and together they have deployed multiple projects creating high standards of advanced banking operations within the industry. Together they continue to accelerate digital transformation within the sector for a robust banking infrastructure.


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