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HashCash Consultants Extends Data Visualization Expertise to Aid Global Retail Chain

HashCash Consultants has extended its expertise in data visualization to a global retail chain. The company is helping the partner enterprise with a sophisticated set of business analytics tools to drive strategic decision making and implement smart business practices.

“The rules of doing business are rapidly changing to level up with the change in consumer behavior and mindset along with market demographics. Data analysis plays a crucial role in designing business strategies and for making accurate decisions to generate more revenue and induce business growth. The management of that data is essential yet complex. We apply data visualization and run analytics tools to assess the same, helping the partner enterprise to manage their data and utilize the result into reforming the policies”, commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

HashCash’s Data Visualization Tools:

The retail sector depends on market and consumer behavior analysis to gain insight for competitive advantage. Data visualization and business analytics provide businesses with a strategic edge adding value to the services through the creation of models. The predictive analytics report derived from such tools helps in determining or predicting the market response to a product or service. The insight gathered helps the enterprise in making better business decisions that align with consumer behavior.

Data visualization deals with bulk loads of unstructured data, and HashCash helps the partner enterprise with management and streamlining the same through the use of advanced tools. HashCash helps with more accurate and faster reporting and analysis of quality data, which reflects an improvement of the operational structure of the organization.

The Benefits Include:

1. Analysis and representation of a large number of datasets through interactive dashboards, charts, graphs, etc.
2. Real-time accessibility to actionable data aiding in smarter decision-making instantly
3. Improvement in ROI due to accurate insight into business data
4. Extraction of essential data from a wide range of sources such as CRM, ERP, flat files, etc. and optimize utilization of the same

HashCash has a team of experienced developers and BI consultants, the chief architects behind their data visualization solutions. They analyze the business process of the partner company and provide customized solutions that fit in well.

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