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Featured, Post COVID Digital Transformation, Press Release

HashCash’s Digital Solutions to Public Sector for Smart Governance Post-COVID

USA’s HashCash Consultants is offering cutting edge digital solutions to public sector bodies across geographies to help them modify their existing systems so that those can meet the demands of the post-pandemic years.

The idea behind the digital transformation solutions is to help organizations break out of the legacy and siloed architecture. HashCash’s offerings aim at creating smart governance platforms that connect the government with the general population, for better service especially in times of crisis.

“The public sector is always at the forefront in any crisis, offering aid to the people and at the same time coordinating with various organizations, domestic and international that are involved in the matter. What we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, is that governments with their existing systems and technology cannot match up to a global crisis. HashCash is aiding them to digitally integrate the legacy systems making it robust and post-pandemic ready,” commented Raj Chowdhury, CEO, HashCash Consultants.

HashCash’s Solutions for Public Sector Digital Transformation:

In the span of the lockdown months, COVID-19 has exposed major vulnerabilities of the government systems around the world. Even the strongest of nations were seen struggling to make ends meet and respond to the crisis. It has been a wake-up call for the public sector machinery to evolve and fortify so that they can offer better service to the people post lockdown and the years that will follow.

The existing government machinery in most regions is still dependent on manual processes and documentation, with regulatory red-tapes that fail to meet the urgency of a global crisis.

Pre-assessing the post-pandemic years, the prevalence of the virus, and its impact on the political, social, and economic landscape, public sector organizations have realized that this is the time to evolve and transform digitally.

Meeting that demand, HashCash is offering public sector bodies with advanced tech by creating and deploying scalable applications. The company leverages new-age technologies like Big Data, cloud computing, AI, IoT, etc to build a robust and smart governance architecture. HashCash’s services include:

  • Tech support and adjustments in policy to support the critical operations maintaining timeliness.
  • Build digitally integrated systems for enhanced connectivity between the government, the general public, and various organizations.
  • Establish robust virtual platforms and integrated systems that allow partnerships across national, regional, and community-based organizations to enable seamless sharing of accurate public health information, for better crisis response.
  • Advanced automation solutions and virtual communication tools for fast, secured, and unhindered public sector communication.
  • Creation of predictive models and applications to help in pre-emptive responses.
  • User-friendly interfaces for easy usage by the general population.

All solutions and services offered are designed so that they can be scaled-up for future augmentation. HashCash Consultants creates a collaborative architecture that unites the government with the people so that all operations and processes run smoothly and without any interruption.


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