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HashCash’s HC Corporate Payment Embarks on Digitizing End-to-End Trade Processes

HashCash’s HC Corporate Payment, a blockchain-powered B2B corporate payment platform, embarks on combining all participants on a distinct system, thereby digitizing end-to-end trade processes, therefore restricting processing time. Proposing an all-encompassing idea into corporate payments, this platform encourages people to interpret blockchain technology with a simple user interface. 

Related to different payment platforms, the HC Corporate Payment platform by HashCash Consultants keeps equipping users with an all-encompassing simple interface, furthermore, decreasing payment processing time by instant adjustments. It encourages users to determine the most effective way to examine blockchain utilizing smart contracts and encryption.  

Why is HC Corporate Payment Platform Worth Choosing? 

The HC Corporate Payment by HashCash Consultants comes with lots of advantages that make the platform stand out from the rest. Here are some of the key points that make it worth choosing: 

  • Reduce processing time with instant settlement along with a reliable and online document exchange option. 
  • Assists in maintaining working capital efficiently by tracking live account balance. 
  • Real-time data sharing and agreement with various parties in the network remain possible. 
  • Helps regulate deals with new financial businesses. 
  • Assists in automating important business ventures with smart contracts. 
  • Assists in preserving data by encryption and blockchain immutability. 

The CEO’s Perspective 

Articulating about the corporate payment platform, Raj Chowdhury, CEO of HashCash Consultants, affirmed, “HC Corporate Payment facilitates real-time document sharing and instant reconciliation followed by self-regulation utilizing smart contracts. Furthermore, the sole objective of the platform is to reduce operating expenses and analyze IT support, hence providing reliable, agile, and simple B2B payments.” 

HC Corporate Payment Features and Use Cases

The corporate payment platform by HashCash offers users a sight into beneficial payment features that it brings with itself. Cited below are some of its features. 

  • There is an invoice exchange, online purchase order, and creation. 
  • Trade sharing and document shipping are possible with encryption.
  • Instant payment settlement and verification by banks.
  • Development is possible for other trading partners or banks. 

Some of the use cases of the corporate payment platform highlight its usage in banks and corporate houses. Furthermore, banks generally use it for corporate trade finance and corporate houses leverage the same for vendor payments. 

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Other than that, Central Banks use the platform for wage disbursement followed by its application in clearinghouses that use it to develop or replace different clearing systems. Apart from these use cases, the payment platform can be personalized for any kind of use case related to corporate payment. 

Recent Gains

Recently, HashCash has locked deals with a global enterprise to assist them with corporate payment processing. To manage processes, the financial solutions of the company supported the organization with a blockchain-based payment platform. Furthermore, HashCash has also partnered with a bank based in the USA to assist them in supporting corporate trade. They are doing it by using the HC Corporate Payment solution.


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