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IIT-M Implements Blockchain-Based Student Council Election

For a few decades, since its inception, the potential of blockchain technology was constrained to the success of ‘bitcoins’. However, in recent years, technology has revealed its true potential in several sectors for its transparency, accountability, and security. Developers who recognized the true potential of the DLT are now trying head-to-head in developing and discovering its use cases in several sectors. 

Enterprises that adopted cryptocurrency because of the powerful blockchain architecture, are now using the same technology to optimize their business. Crowdfunding, cloud storage, smart contracts, smart policing solutions, healthcare, supply chain management, and many more are already the discovered potential of blockchain technology. The potential of blockchain technology to reduce voter fraud has long been a controversy. Finally, the Indian Institute of Technology has taken the initiative and became the first to conduct a student election using blockchain technology. 

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IIT-M Uses Blockchain Based Software For Students Council 

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras is located in Chennai and has recently conducted a student council election using blockchain technology. Although using blockchain in elections was a controversy for years, IIT-M for the first time has managed to implement the idea. The students from the Blockchain club and Webops of Centre For Innovation (CFI), IIT-M developed the software with blockchain architecture to conduct their student council election.

Blockchain is an immutable distributed ledger technology that stores any transactions or data on the merger as ‘blocks’ and is usually linked with other blocks in the form of chains. The use of ‘Blockchain Software for Students Body Council‘ is the first ever poll conducted using the technology. The project singlehandedly led by students may have the potential to positively derange the way elections will take place in the future. Since the data cannot be changed once registered, it may inherent trust and demonstrate a fair election poll in different countries. 

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How Can Blockchain Revolutionize Conventional Voting System?

Modern voting systems are stuck in the last century, asking people to leave their houses and submit paper voting to local supremacies. Online voting will not only save time but reduce the chances of vote fraud. Blockchain can unravel various problems as it provides high-end security, and even if fraud has access to the network, the data cannot be tampered with. 

Voters can trust the system and anonymously submit their votes. Moreover, no fake ids will be permitted in the system, counting each vote as one person. Blockchain is making way for direct democracy where the public can decide the policy rather than depending on the authorities. Blockchain may require lingering longer to enter the voting system, it is ideal for guiding meetings, censuses, polling, etc.

Wrapping Up

The application of blockchain technology in voting is huge and diverse. The potential of the technology to manage and immerse a constituency is important for the future. It is not just to create an open result, but also to motivate people to participate in their society. Although the technology is still developing in the voting system, it may play a key role to change the future of the voting system.

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