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India’s Central Board of Secondary Education Enters the Blockchain Space

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the launch of ‘ABCD’ or Academic BlockChain Document. The education board is using blockchain technology to ensure inviolable board exam results for all students. It will not only record the results of the current students but also the former students. 

The secondary board i.e. 10th standard results starting from 2019 has already been secured in blockchain. CBSE will link the recorded result certificates in a digitally secured chain structure. This not only ensures transparency but also paperless usage of the board certificates.

As per the CBSE officials, these result certificates are distributed in different locations with the involvement of multiple stakeholders. This will, therefore, protect them against any attempt of manipulation.

The Reason Behind Using Blockchain

According to a senior official, the new digital certification generated under the Blockchain-based system will come with an additional secure link. It will be automatically verified and secured by the blockchain structure. 

Students in India often face result-authenticity-related challenges while applying for jobs, loans, higher studies, etc. The Academic BlockChain Documents eradicate such problems by enabling automatic verification of documents.

Antriksh Johri, the CBSE Director of Information and Technology comments, “Blockchain implementation has been done by CBSE. Earlier we introduced Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) for affiliation systems. Here, the data is linked and stored with cryptographic security so that it is immutable and traceable.”

How Does It Work

Blockchain technology collects data in a distributed ledger ensuring the rightful ownership of every stakeholder. The chain gathers the data provided there’s a stakeholders’ consensus. It is reproduced in every location in the distributed network of blockchain nodes. Thus, the time-consuming process of third-party verification is no longer necessary.

At present, CBSE has successfully established such nodes Pune, Bengaluru, and Jaipur. The board is looking to expand this facility further in the country. As of now, this digital certificate chain remains under the management of NIC.

The ”Academic (BlockChain) Documents’ software, CBSE collaborated with the Centre of Excellence for Blockchain Technology of National Informatics Centre under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)”, Johri added.

Institutions can use these digital documents for online counseling as well. All the institutes have to do is integrate their systems with plug-in interfaces. The CBSE official elaborates, “The linking of the blocks in the blockchain ensures that they cannot be tampered with. The data is trustable as it can be verified across the participating stakeholders.” 

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Current Status of CBSE’s Blockchain System

Presently, the chain holds the result data of class 10 and 12 examinees of 18 years. It is available online for download and verification of digital academic documents by students and pertinent officials, respectively. CBSE will upload the records of the previous students gradually. 

The CBSE official said, “Approximately, 12 crores digital real-time generated, digitally signed and PKI based QR coded academic documents such as marks sheets, migration certificates, and pass certificates are available in this repository.”

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Final Thoughts

The authenticity of these digital certificates remains intact even after several years of issuance. This technology will record all and any changes in any certificate. The cryptographic security empowering CBSE’s new venture renders the records immutable and traceable. Both educational and financial institutions can utilize this system for admissions and sanctioning loans and scholarships. With just one click the qualifications of the applicant get verified. CBSE’s entrance into the world of blockchain is remarkable for the future of education.

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