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Matching Engine Software From HashCash Excels In Global Crypto Trading Industry

Matching Engines are rapidly going from important to being necessary for crypto trading. Especially with trading opportunities going online, an efficient matching engine can be a game-changer for all the parties involved. 

What Is A Matching Engine?

In simple words, a matching engine is software that registers all the open orders available in the market. It helps traders to find the right match by connecting two orders satiating each other’s needs. A matching engine, in most cases, can support a variety of orders that include but are not limited to, limit order or market order.

About HashCash Matching Engine

HashCash has upgraded the software and developed an Avant-garde product that is more advanced than the current market products. It is very much in sync with the crypto avenues and is highly compatible with the retail market. Any foreign exchange provider and an operator can use this software through the web-oriented Match-Trader platform, FIX Bridge, or FIX API. Some of the features of the HashCash matching engine include: 

  • Order matching and quote distribution with a high-performance orientation. 
  • Matching orders latency of only 1 microsecond.
  • Orders per the second throughput are 500,000 orders.
  • High-frequency trading support.
  • The processing time of orders is as low as up to 2 microseconds.

Why use the HashCash crypto matching engine?

It provides extensive coverage supporting almost all sorts of asset classes and market models, all within a single system. It also ensures high-performance-oriented matching. The order book supports all order types and has other quality performance-oriented features. It is highly time-efficient and cost-effective. And has high availability even within resilient and proven environments, and ultra-low door-to-door latency. Its efficacy extends to risk management and interoperability. The matching engine produced by HashCash records disseminates order books and sales. Along with the time quotes, it also offers a market summary including all OHLC prices and volume. It further evaluates pre-order risks and validations.

It goes above and beyond to prevent single-point failure in architecture through high-end algorithms and infrastructure. HashCash’s matching engine is highly reliable and futuristic. The scalable solution makes sure of effortless integration of trading business applications with the other available business applications. It provides a smooth program that prevents operational hazards across the architecture through its state-of-the-art collective operational core. So far, it has gained a reputation for reduced risk, availability, and resilience.

Final Thoughts

Trading, nowadays, almost completely relies on the digital market. It’s accelerated through these trading matching engines. So it becomes a part of our everyday lives and is crucial for maintaining a risk-free, quality exchange.

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