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Physical Office Resumes for HashCash Employees following a Hybrid Model

It is spring-summer for the world and the economy worldwide. Schools and offices are about to open up, restoring the pre-pandemic normalcy. Businesses and industries are gradually looking up despite a war-torn Eurasia.

HashCash Consultants announces re-opening of in-person office after two years of remote functioning. The operations will commence following a hybrid model for the immediate days to come. 

The  Pandemic Closure and Return

As it was with all offices, worldwide, HashCash had to stop office work following the government-enforced lockdown in early 2020 in an effort to control the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The HashCash employees have been since, working from home. The company now unfolds plans to resume working from the office, from the 16th of May. “We intend to pilot run a hybrid work model with a phased approach breaking out from the pandemic-imposed remote work norm,” said Raj Chowdhury, founder, and CEO HashCash Consultants. “The goal is to normalize office work on Mondays and Wednesdays with options to work remotely on the remaining days.”

The abrupt closure of the office in 2020, gave rise to a series of trouble. Employees faced setbacks due to the unavailability of their dedicated systems and data to conduct their routine tasks. Hiring new employees and inducting them into the system became a challenge. The shutdown had taken a toll on the HashCash-developed crypto exchange – PayBito. It took some time before equilibrium was restored and the workflow gained pace.

Recent Developments

On the development front, HashCash has climbed greater heights, since. The blockchain consultant company has had an overwhelming response flowing in from the US and overseas. HashCash has added to crypto-demographics in the Middle East providing their white label solutions to institutional crypto ventures. The company has contributed to multiple DeFi and Metaverse-related projects. HashCash has also revealed its plans for large-scale hiring for its Indian operation center


“As the world economy went into hibernation during the pandemic, the crypto industry thrived even with the remote work set up. Now with the re-opening of office spaces, we expect to gain momentum and deliver better,” Chowdhury summed up.

A number of offices, worldwide are preparing to open up their spaces welcoming their employees back to work. HashCash is one among them, anticipating a joyous in-person hustle after two full years of remote work. However, settling into a five-day work week in the office is still furlongs away.


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