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Microblogging Meets Metaverse: A Possibility? Animation of Expressions?

All of those who have read up on Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter have either stumbled across or imagined the Metaverse meeting Microblogging? For most, it would be taking imagination too far or not worth the thought. After all, Musk doesn’t even like Facebook being called Meta. But is that because he wants to implement it himself. And acquiring Twitter was just the first step. 

Imagining the Metaverse in Statements

Coming back to the issue, how difficult is it to imagine a confluence between microblogging and Metaverse? Let’s classify the varieties of tweets to find out how each category may be expressed in the Metaverse or mapped to a Metaverse realm. Here is a broad classification of microblogs we commonly find in social media

  1. Cryptic statements

    Many people are good at writing cryptic tweets. They may target an individual or organization. However, they are indirect and they do not want any and everybody to catch wind of their statements. People sharing common interests only decipher such messages.
    These statements may use the Metaverse to hide clues that could solve the puzzle.

  2. Narratives

    This is where Metaverse may be maximally utilized. We can imagine a person describing an incident. An AI mechanism could be used to interpret the whole story and present the whole scenario in a movie-like sequence.

  3. Opinions

    Metaverse and avatars can add moods to opinions or remarks. Celebratory, criticism, or sarcastic comments can be accordingly presented through life-like figures, adding voices and facial expressions to words.

  4. Announcements

    Announcements can also be emphasized by setting the appropriate for it in the metaverse. For instance, a new job, the birth of a child, birthday wishes, or any celebratory event can be appropriately communicated in virtual reality.

  5. Insights

    Interpretations of quotes, excerpts from novels or other citations can be better presented with the support of a virtual life-like realm.

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What Else?

Expressions through the Metaverse can pull down linguistic barriers. Despite there being built-in translation mechanisms. An animated, enacted and interactive mode of presentation will enable individuals to connect to a wide range of audiences. This will boost product marketing, and campaigns and foster responsible journalism through social media.

Metaverse can turn social media into an interesting platform for debates and discussions. It is exciting to imagine oneself directly engaging with individuals in a group discussion and debate in a Metaverse.  

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Metaverse Promotion Through Microblogging Platforms

Microblogging platforms have always aced promotion of the Metaverse. The Metaverse proponents and supporters actively promote the concepts on these platforms causing the spread of knowledge and a general awakening of interest. Apart from fiction and fantasy that have laid the majority of the claims on the Metaverse, experts have identified practical use cases of the Metaverse.

Explanatory videos posted on these platforms lead to the understanding of the working of the system. Videos clarify how a virtual office on the Metaverse can make team meetings and discussions simpler. Attending classrooms is yet another use case of the Metaverse. 

To sum up

The Metaverse is not limited to figments of imagination. It has practical uses bringing conveniences to lives. The space deserves the hype already built around it. It would do better if more thought is spent on it deriving more practical uses in solving real-world challenges.

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