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SaaS for Cryptopreneurs: Leveraging Innovations With PayBito’s White Label Crypto Broker

Cryptocurrencies are cementing their position among the most popular sectors for investment. The prospect of trading through crypto exchanges is often intimidating. Thus, investors opt trading with a crypto broker rather than going directly. Large crypto exchanges offer instant peer-to-peer digital asset trading with nominal processing fees. But, crypto brokers are the lifeline in resolving one of the biggest challenges in the crypto community- Liquidity. Global cryptocurrency exchange PayBito has put forward an effective solution addressing the needs of entrepreneurs and enterprises seeking a foray into the crypto trading world through the world’s first comprehensive white-label crypto broker platform

Do You Want To Become A Crypto Broker?

Crypto brokers earn attractive commissions facilitating trade between investors dealing in digital assets. However, there is a big red tape and an enormous hurdle for entry into this market- mainly due to the long list of regulations enlisted by governments around the world.. Moreover, the rules tend to change from time to time, and there are still no unified regulations; thus, it varies geographically too. Beyond these, the complexity of the operations and the need for a large team of IT, crypto research, and customer support experts are not child’s play. Still, if you wish to become a crypto broker, here are three ways to begin.

Get Your Own Branded Crypto Broker Platform

The 3 Routes to Becoming a Crypto Broker

  • The Conventional Method

There is one post for every three seconds regarding Bitcoins. It is not hard to get access to all information and technical details on the internet. You can implement all these rules, set up an exchange, and operate it with your team.

The problems of such a venture are evident as the day. There would be several problems related to implementation, and you might have to upgrade the setup and operations from time to time with the changes in regulations. The time is taken and the effort for such a venture is monumental. Where would you spend your time; with the architecture requirements and software problems or the actual trading process?

  • Delegation Method

Several online professionals can set up a platform for you. You can find service providers who would develop the exchange by creating in-house software, assembling a trade engine, designing the UI, and maintaining it for you. You must formulate teams for customer support, research, platform security, maintenance, customer relationship management, operations, and more. Beyond these, you need to have a business link with a reputed local bank for depositing and payments. On the other hand, you might also need financial partners to maintain the liquidity of your platform. If you plan to go global, there are more bridges to cross.

These are only the technical parts. Beyond these and the enormous budget it needs, this method and the last one need customers to rely on you to buy/sell via your platform. It would be best to have higher trade volumes to get better liquidity. You need to offer incentives and take up high-end marketing schemes.

  • White Label SaaS

If you think crypto brokerage is a high-capital market for large corporates, here is the third method to change your view. For example, creating and running your website for your product might be arduous, but partnering with Amazon to sell in their marketplace helps you gain the advantage of Amazon’s foot traffic, high-end UI, and security features. Thereby, even a small business can compete with prominent players.

White Label crypto platforms like PayBito are similar to Amazon marketplace in leveling the battlefield for small-time crypto brokers to break into the market. PayBito has a large platform with all the steps mentioned in the delegation method. So, a platform with high trade volumes, high-end wallet and platform security, a link with top financial institutes, a customer support team, and accessibility to several fiat and cryptocurrencies exist, waiting for you to set up your brokerage business.

The advantage is that you can set up an account on this platform and start your crypto brokerage business. You will have all the background amenities that a corporation can provide. All you need to do is spend a few minutes to set up your account, register it, and start your brokerage business.

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How Reliable Is A White-Label Crypto Broker Solution?

When you hear that there is an already set-up platform for digital asset exchange with SegWit-enabled, multi-currency facilities, high-security, around-the-clock support, ERC20 compliant, and more, it sounds too good to be true.

Thanks to PayBito, such a solution is available. Individuals can join this platform for a nominal subscription fee, start a career as a crypto broker for others, and earn commissions from them. If you are skeptical, you can try out their one-month trial to check out their features, trade engine facilities, banking options, and others.

The PayBito Leverage

 Join the A-Game with PayBito Crypto Broker Program

Instead of boiling the ocean with all the paperwork and monotonous jobs regarding managing the platform, you can focus entirely on your client’s wealth management. Moreover, the name ‘PayBito’ also adds brand value and goodwill to your business. Beyond these, other core competencies that PayBito offers to a crypto broker are:

  • Legal Compliances

There are several legal compliances surrounding KYC, AML, report maintenance, transaction monitoring, corruption policies, and more. PayBito will take care of all the legal drills. Being a crypto broker associated with PayBito, you implicitly comply with all these regulations and procedures. Moreover, the KYC and other regulatory frameworks are simple to complete too.

  • Access To Resources

You will immediately access the high-end exchange, trading options, banking solutions, liquidity pools, and more.

  • Cover A Wide Audience

PayBito offers trading multiple currencies, accepts several fiat currencies, and more. It has a location-based compliance check too. Moreover, it is accessible via several devices like phones and desktops via apps and browsers in Android and iOS. Thus, you can use it for a wide range of audiences, on the go, and for a global reach.

  • Easy-To-Learn

You need not reinvent the wheel to understand and get comfy with the features. The user interface is easier to use, and you can generate reports to understand your assets better. The admin console comes with options for A/C reports, indicators, price corrections, charts, profit-loss charts, charge summaries, and other customized reports.

You can also simplify trading by choosing order types like stop loss, limit, market, and others. There are several trading modules, too, including short selling, options trading, crypto-to-crypto, fiat-crypto, OTC, margin trading, and more. You can also choose algorithm trading.

  • Wallet

Statistically, there is a higher chance for hackers to break into wallets to steal funds. It is more ubiquitous in cold wallets than in others. Thus, it would help if you had a high-security wallet to attract customers. PayBito has a large team dedicated to maintaining and upgrading the security of the platform and the wallet.

  • Security Features

Apart from the secured cold and hot wallets, you can find security integrations like BIP-32, Firewall, and Firebase. The platform has 3-point architecture, GEO Fencing, IP Tracking, DDoS Mitigation, 2FA, and more. Beyond these, you can enjoy withdrawal protection, AES-256 encryption, and ransomware protection. It is also ERC-20 compliant with SegWit enabled.

Beyond these, the platform has anti-phishing features, VPN detection modules, DB encryption, and more.

  • Liquidity Advantage

The architecture of PayBito offers high-volume liquidity integration. Thus, you will have a high-liquid platform for your customers to trade. Beyond this, the architecture also allows adding new currencies whenever possible.

  • Payment Gateway

The payment gateway of Paybito supports multiple transaction options with different fiat denominations. The transaction speed is also instant.

Wrapping Up

14% of Americans are crypto users. That is around 21.2 million potential customers looking for someone with skills and a high-end platform. Do you have the skills? PayBito Crypto Broker Program takes care of the rest.

Can you create a platform that can access 400+ markets and allow 20 different fiat currencies? Rome is not built in a day, but you can get access to the beauty of Rome by setting up your business in it. Similarly, setting up your brokerage with PayBito offers you all the attributes of PayBito, which are ideally your key selling points.

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