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The Coin Listing Quest of PayBito with Focus on Emerging Tokens

Getting a new crypto token listed on a platform is equivalent to getting a supermart spare rack to display your products. Unless the crypto is listed on an exchange, the traders would remain oblivious of its existence, let alone trade with it or use it for utility purposes. Therefore, the primary target of the coin developers is to get their creation listed on a top cryptocurrency exchange with stable trading volumes, for more visibility and accessibility for traders. That said, it’s not just the coins, as they share an equal listing interest with the exchanges. 

Crypto trading platforms are always on the lookout for new interesting assets to add so that they can offer the traders a vast variety of assets and trading pairs. On that note, we come to the key point of this article. Among the global exchanges, PayBito is one such market leader that is known for constantly upgrading their coin portfolio. Here’s a glimpse of PayBito’s coin listing spree in 2020 and plans for 2021. 

Notable Coin Listings by PayBito in 2020

2020 has brought bad news for a lot of industries, but surprisingly it has been a year worth remembering for the crypto industry from the development aspects. The crypto market is stronger than ever, with more people taking an interest and actively trading with digital assets, mostly fuelled by accelerated digitization across sectors. 

Since the beginning of 2020 PayBito was active regarding its coin listing promotions, opening up for more diverse crypto, with a special focus on emerging altcoins, utility coins, and ERC20 tokens of value. The idea was to integrate more coins with a good market prospect and performance, to expand the crypto portfolio of the exchange, and diversify the trading options for traders. 

Starting from the first quarter to the third, PayBito successfully added several cryptocurrencies to its trading platform, developing a plethora of trading pairs for its global user base. Some of the notable additions were:

The last token to get listed on the Paybito exchange was SESSIA’s KICKS. SESSIA is a blockchain-based platform that runs on a social media model with eCommerce as its niche industry. It aims at creating a decentralized marketplace devoid of any third-party intermediaries. KICKSis the ERC-20 token issued on SESSIA and used as payment for kickbacks and cashbacks. PayBito has listed KICKS on its platform allowing traders to buy and trade the utility coin. 

PayBito’s Coin Listing Plans for 2021

With an eventful 2020 coming to a close, PayBito has its eyes set on 2021, with plans of coin listing already in motion, as announced through a recent press release. The global cryptocurrency exchange plans to at least 5 altcoins by the end of the first quarter of 2021. This time around as well their focus is on emerging unique tokens with utility value and application across industries such as media and entertainment, retail, real estate, financial services, etc.  

How to Get Your Coin Listed on PayBito?

Getting a coin listed on a reputed global exchange is easier said than done. It is a stringent process with multiple checkpoints where a panel of experts conduct a detailed analysis of the cryptocurrency. The idea is to test the functionality, market performance, and credibility of the coin. PayBito, like any other exchange, follows a strict set of rules to pick coins that fit the eligibility criteria. 

Even the knowledge and level of expertise of the professionals involved in the coin development process are taken into consideration. Not to mention, the developers require submitting a comprehensive whitepaper detailing the technical and marketing aspects of the coin. Only after passing all the stages can a coin get listed under PayBito. 

Other than having an extensive coin portfolio and adequate options in trading pairs, PayBito is also known to offer the industry the best crypto prices to the traders. It also has some of the lowest transaction fees. The highly intuitive interface and enhanced security protocols make for a safe and seamless trading experience for the users. Owing to its global presence PayBito has earned its repute as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. 

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